Friday, June 3, 2011

A Couple Of Things....

(1) Why does everyone try to scare me about giving birth?  Labor sucks ...I'm sure.'s not the labor that you have to live with's that precious little baby.  I mean's going to hurt and blah, blah, blah...yadda yadda. WELL...DUH.  We are squeezing a watermelon through a hole the size of a grape. It isn't going to feel great....but it's at the end of that LABOR that you get your miracle.  Why the hell wouldn't anyone want to walk over the rainbow (and let's pretend that entails fire breathing dragons on the rainbow road...along with Freddy Krueger running after you...with Mike Tyson biting off your ear...and carrying a massive elephant)...TO GET TO THE POT OF GOLD?!?!  To me....I get that I will be in pain for hours...but have you people ever had a 10 day migraine?!  I think I will pick labor....and to you sissy girls who think I'm crazy (or perhaps I don't know what I'm in store for)...well....YOU have never had a real migraine for 10 days (and I won't go into what else my issues were within those 10 days).  My ob/gyn told me she's had a horrific tooth ache, migraines, and been through two babies....she thinks labor is the lesser of those painful situations.  I've actually been told that by a lot of people...they'd pick labor over migraines.... So...  I would gladly take labor over a 10 day migraine.  Sorry ladies...I'm not scared.  My pain-o-meter is extremely high...and I don't really care to hear about how you just went through such a hardship to have your baby.  I should mention....I WILL HAVE DRUGS DURING LABOR!! I'm tough...not stupid! :)  I'd happily walk through fire to get my baby...thanks!

(2) Why am I obsessed with checking for blood every single time I pee??  I am sooo terrified of having a miscarriage...I HATE that.  BUT...It is one of the things I fear the most.  It's really one of the reasons I'm waiting to tell a lot of people.  I don't want to jinx myself.  I've been waiting forever for this have my if I lost it...I would fall into such a deep depression.  Don't worry...I don't stress myself out about it....but this is my first child.  So....every single cramp gets to me.  I'm positive there is something wrong...then I come back to reality.  I was born to be a mother.  A GREAT MOTHER!  I just had to wait for the right time for me.  AND THIS IS TOTALLY IT!

(3) it weird that I've already got family vacations in the back of my mind....secretly planning for them already?!  Yes, we will go to Disney World every single year with Baby Herington.  Yes, we will visit DisneyLAND too.  Yes, we will frequent the zoo and museums.  Yes, we will go to the park every week.  Yes, I will buy my baby a million presents for Christmas.  Yes, my child will be spoiled by his/her grandparents.  Yes, everything will be color coordinated.  Yes, they will play a sport...and MOMMY will be at EVERY SINGLE game!  I won't miss one single moment.  If you are a mom that misses these things, well I think you suck.  I simply cannot wait.  FOR this very reason, I would go through labor 100 times...

(4) Hello Boobs.  I went from a 32-34B...VERY WELL on my way to a Full C here people!  Umm...Playboy needing any pics of pregnant ladies?!?  B/C I'm sure my boobs would definitely hold a candle to those fake things ladies feel they need.  This kid is gonna get a lot of milk...again...Am I having twins!??!  wtf?!

(5) Why do I waddle....already?  Perhaps it's just me....but I feel a duck waddle coming on....ugghh.... it's weird.  BUT happy to waddle...

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  1. Glad to hear things are going well so far. Sorry for the morning sickness (which, by the way, I have NO idea why it's called morning sickness b/c it was ALL THE TIME sickness for me) - I was throwing up 7-8 times a day with Hope for 36 weeks... yep, fun! Sick with Evan until 20 weeks and kidney stones two times with both. Whew. :) It was, like you said, ALL worth it. Don't let anyone scare you about labor - sure, it's hard, but millions of women do it every single day :) That was always my thing - if everyone else can. i can :) Though I had 2 c sections ... Hope was breech. Hope it went well telling the step-girls! I know you are looking fwd to your first u-sound - those are so fun! Glad you are writing everything down - I am so glad I did!