Thursday, June 30, 2011

Getting Used To Baby Peanut! I'm totally getting used to this whole pregnancy thing.  At first, I was terrified to do ANYTHING!  I would do half-ass workouts... sleep a certain way... etc.  Now, it's like I'm not even pregnant.  I get in the gym and hit it hard (okay...not too hard...but I'm not scared to push it a little).

I have no delusions that I will be a little, thin pregnant woman.  I'm pretty positive I will gain EVERYWHERE....because that's what I do when I gain weight in general.  I will have fat arms, a fat face, a fat stomach, a fat ass, and fat thighs.  AND...I'm okay with that.  Okay...not really.  BUT what can ya do?!!? It's not like I can diet.  I think most people know by now that I'm the queen of diet and exercise. If anyone can lose weigh in a short amount of's ME!  So, when people tell me that I won't lose the baby weight....or that I will never look the same.....I just LAUGH!  I assume they are just jealous because they didn't own the discipline that I do.  I don't want to be a fat, unhealthy mom.  Will I return to my 96lbs?  Perhaps....or perhaps I will be happy with being 100lbs.  Regardless, for all the haters out there....keep it up.  You will only fuel my fire to become better looking than before.  AND....let's face it....if I can't do it alone....I'm someone that can afford the best plastic surgeon and an awesome trainer.  SO...please don't test me!

I'm almost 11 weeks.  My acne has cleared up (thanks to my Doctor giving me some awesome medication for it....and my to-die-for facials).  I'm getting my hair done this weekend by my gorgeous friend Krystyna (so THAT will make me feel hotter). lol.  AND....I  have no tan.....BUT I'm going to Florida again this weekend so perhaps I will get a little color.  All-in-all....This pregnancy is going well.  :)

I get my first ultrasound in less than 2 weeks!!!  I. CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Update on Mommy!

Okay, so the morning sickness has subsided.  I really only had it for a week.  It may come back, but I'm not that worried about it at this moment in time.

I still get food aversions (can't STAND certain foods I used to love ...and that are healthy).  And...I'm HUNGRY all the dang time.  It's really ridiculous.  I feel like I'm eating more than the contestants on The Biggest Loser (pre-weight-loss program).

And...HELLO Acne!  I have never really had bad skin.  I would sometimes get the bad cystic acne a couple days prior to my period, but THIS acne is crazy.  I look like a pizza face!  Red dot, red dot, red dot, dot I picked at, scab, red's just gross.  And what is UP with this greasy skin?!?!  I used to make fun of my brother for having just pools of grease on his face....ddaammnnn karma is such a bitch.  If anyone needs some grease to cook some french fries with, I have tons on my face you can use! 

I haven't been to an Ob/gyn I'm getting a little anxious.  Just 8 weeks today! 

All in all ... I'm feeling pretty great.  Yes, I have my "fat" days, but I realize I have to gain weight or at least not be my 98lbs self.  It's sooo sad some days, but I know it will all be worth it.  Plus, I'm a crazy I will definitely lose the weight. will totally guess at the sex of the baby.  I think I'm having a boy.  We shall see if I stick with that feeling!:)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hello Morning Sickness!

I've heard of the whole morning sickness thing, but I was pretty sure it wouldn't find me.  However, I was wrong.  (Hey...I'll admit it).  So, I don't get the vomiting ( least not yet), but I do get nauseous.  Every morning between 7:30am-12:00pm.....I AM SICK!  The thought of eating anything between those hours makes me ill.  AND....when I am able to eat, I crave...FAST FOOD! UGH!  I haven't eaten at a McDonald's, Wendy's, or Arby's in years.  I like eating as healthy as possible, but my body craves Chicken Sandwiches, Cheeseburgers, Fries, and Roast Beef Sandwiches. 

The best part about being able to eat all of this food is....I haven't really gained any weight.  Ok...So, I gained a couple of pounds, but that was only from my vacation.  You aren't given too many healthy options while on a 8 day vacation. 

So, what does one do when they crave crap food??  I EAT IT without hesitation.  I just tell myself that my little peanut must want it desperately! :)   Besides, foods like are healthy make me sick....ewww...the thought of eating low calorie healthy foods makes me want to barf.  So, I might as well eat what I want.  If I gain weight, well then so be it.  I will lose it eventually!

Today, I'm eating pizza for lunch.  Hey... I'm going out to lunch, and I am going to enjoy this pregnancy!! :)  Besides, I still work out every single day!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Migraine's Suck So Bad!

So, yesterday SUCKED!!!  I had had a low grade migraine on Wednesday, but I figured it would go away.  Umm....wishful thinking.  Thursday morning I woke up and realized that I wouldn't be able to go to pilates because my head was pounding.  I took a Hydrocodone (prescribed by my Neurologist since I can't take my Topamax, Imitrex, or get my Botox).  FYI: I miss my Botox (sad face). 

So...the home inspector came at 8:45am.  (Side note: We sold our less than 30 days!  Thank You St. Joseph Statue!!!)  SO...inspector came.  I really wanted to be alert and watch what he was doing.  No such luck.  I immediately got in bed as the pounding in my head got worse and worse.  My imitrex is sitting in my bedside was calling my name. However, I'm already a fabulous mommy, and I just CAN'T take it.  I know one pill will make the pain stop, but I just can't risk it.  It's not good for my baby peanut.  So, the inspector came in my bedroom, and he tried to be so quiet.  I couldn't even speak to him...I just had to cover my face.  He must have thought I was such a loser!  Like one of those housewives that stays in bed all day....THAT is NOT me!  After he inspected our bedroom and the master bath, I immediately ran to the bathroom and THREW UP!  Once the vomiting starts, you might as well forget it.  It won't be getting any better.  So, I tried to eat some saltine's and sip some Sprite, but that just came right up.  I drank some water, and that came right up too.  I couldn't sleep...I couldn't eat...I just had to endure the pain.  I started crying my eyes out.  WHY do I have to have these??  Ok, so I get them genetically from my mother.  Aren't I lucky?!  During my cry-fest, I just prayed to God that my baby will never have to endure these migraines.  I wouldn't wish them upon anyone....ok...well maybe a few people that I REALLY hate...but that's it. 

I could hear Realtor's coming in my home, and I couldn't even get up.  I was pathetic.  Eventually, around 2pm, they left.  THEN, the lawn service dudes thought it would be an outstanding idea to mow the lawn and trim the bushes right by my window.  There was no way I was sleeping...which meant it would only get worse.  Later in the evening, I decided to weigh myself.  I weigh myself every single  morning, so I know how fat I'm getting.  Thrilling!  So, I weighed myself, and I'd lost 4lbs since that morning.  It freaked me out.  I know ladies get morning sickness and all, but this isn't morning sickness.  IT'S A MIGRAINE....a MIGRAINE that could potentially last for DAYS!  I immediately picture my baby peanut starving.  I just couldn't take it.  So, after crying on the phone to Brian and my mom, I decided to drive myself to the ER.  Brian is in Memphis...My parents are in I have is me.  AND... Mommy must take care of her baby!  So, 8:30pm I drove myself to the ER. 

After an hour of waiting and DYING from pain, the Doctor decided to give me something for the nausea.  By this time, my stomach hurt almost at much as my head.  I was starving!  I took my pill and left.  I immediately started feeling better.  So, McDonald's sounded GREAT!  I fed my baby peanut two cheesieburgers and some fries!  Mommy and baby were feeeeling GREAT!  The fact I was able to eat something made my head feel much better.

So, cut to today (Friday, June 3, 2011).  I still wasn't feeling 100%...and my migraine could always return due to stressful issues.  So, I stayed in bed the majority of the day.  Brian has been taking care of everything from Memphis.  I'm so lucky to have him.  He's been such a great Daddy and Husband.  He's never seen me (or heard me on the phone) have a meltdown over a migraine.  He never understood how sick and painful they are...until now.  OMG...I hope I don't get any more of those.  Brian and my mom told me to take an imitrex, because "one won't hurt the baby." BUT I just couldn't do it.  I won't either!  I refuse to do anything to hurt the baby....I love my baby peanut, and I will never risk it. 

A Couple Of Things....

(1) Why does everyone try to scare me about giving birth?  Labor sucks ...I'm sure.'s not the labor that you have to live with's that precious little baby.  I mean's going to hurt and blah, blah, blah...yadda yadda. WELL...DUH.  We are squeezing a watermelon through a hole the size of a grape. It isn't going to feel great....but it's at the end of that LABOR that you get your miracle.  Why the hell wouldn't anyone want to walk over the rainbow (and let's pretend that entails fire breathing dragons on the rainbow road...along with Freddy Krueger running after you...with Mike Tyson biting off your ear...and carrying a massive elephant)...TO GET TO THE POT OF GOLD?!?!  To me....I get that I will be in pain for hours...but have you people ever had a 10 day migraine?!  I think I will pick labor....and to you sissy girls who think I'm crazy (or perhaps I don't know what I'm in store for)...well....YOU have never had a real migraine for 10 days (and I won't go into what else my issues were within those 10 days).  My ob/gyn told me she's had a horrific tooth ache, migraines, and been through two babies....she thinks labor is the lesser of those painful situations.  I've actually been told that by a lot of people...they'd pick labor over migraines.... So...  I would gladly take labor over a 10 day migraine.  Sorry ladies...I'm not scared.  My pain-o-meter is extremely high...and I don't really care to hear about how you just went through such a hardship to have your baby.  I should mention....I WILL HAVE DRUGS DURING LABOR!! I'm tough...not stupid! :)  I'd happily walk through fire to get my baby...thanks!

(2) Why am I obsessed with checking for blood every single time I pee??  I am sooo terrified of having a miscarriage...I HATE that.  BUT...It is one of the things I fear the most.  It's really one of the reasons I'm waiting to tell a lot of people.  I don't want to jinx myself.  I've been waiting forever for this have my if I lost it...I would fall into such a deep depression.  Don't worry...I don't stress myself out about it....but this is my first child.  So....every single cramp gets to me.  I'm positive there is something wrong...then I come back to reality.  I was born to be a mother.  A GREAT MOTHER!  I just had to wait for the right time for me.  AND THIS IS TOTALLY IT!

(3) it weird that I've already got family vacations in the back of my mind....secretly planning for them already?!  Yes, we will go to Disney World every single year with Baby Herington.  Yes, we will visit DisneyLAND too.  Yes, we will frequent the zoo and museums.  Yes, we will go to the park every week.  Yes, I will buy my baby a million presents for Christmas.  Yes, my child will be spoiled by his/her grandparents.  Yes, everything will be color coordinated.  Yes, they will play a sport...and MOMMY will be at EVERY SINGLE game!  I won't miss one single moment.  If you are a mom that misses these things, well I think you suck.  I simply cannot wait.  FOR this very reason, I would go through labor 100 times...

(4) Hello Boobs.  I went from a 32-34B...VERY WELL on my way to a Full C here people!  Umm...Playboy needing any pics of pregnant ladies?!?  B/C I'm sure my boobs would definitely hold a candle to those fake things ladies feel they need.  This kid is gonna get a lot of milk...again...Am I having twins!??!  wtf?!

(5) Why do I waddle....already?  Perhaps it's just me....but I feel a duck waddle coming on....ugghh.... it's weird.  BUT happy to waddle...

OK...I Have To Go Pee!

If you're looking for me and you can't find me, I will be taking a pee in the nearest restroom.

I pee every five seconds....and that is when I haven't DRANK ANYTHING!  Tomorrow - I will be 6 weeks....I can only imagine what month 8 will look like.  I will be a permanent fixture in the restroom.

Actually....BRB....Gotta go pee...   :)

Ummm....I Already Look Like A Fat Frog!!

So...... I look like a chunk-ball! least that's how I feel.  The most awesome thing about being pregnant is constipation!! Yep, that's right...I will totally talk about that.  It's like the moment you find out you're stop going number 2.  AND...not only that...but your stomach begins to BLOAT!!  WTF?!  I have already read two books on pregnancy, so I feel like a complete expert.  ;)  Those books say you don't really start showing in the first weeks.  You start showing within the 3rd or 4th month ...that's more like it.  So...I'm wondering if I'm having TWINS!!  Ugh...I mean they say that if a woman is small or thinner than normal that she will more than likely start showing early.  BUT WTF?!  My whole body feels like I've been severely beaten.  It's CRAZY! I am starting to think I'm going to grow into a whale.  Seriously....feel like Tim Allen in The Santa Clause.  Grrr.....

Back From Florida!!

OK, last time I checked in....I was about to tell my parents about BABY HERINGTON!  Plus, we had an awesome vacation to Florida! it goes...

We met up with my parents last Tuesday night. (Tues, May 24, 2011).  They are getting ready to go to Vegas for their Anniversary, so I decided to give them early Anniversary gifts. (Ya know...the shirts that say Grandma and Grandpa).  Anywho...we met at their favorite restaurant, Bahama Breeze.  We chit chatted...briefly.  My heart was racing!!  I finally decided to let them open their gifts, but they had to do it at the very same time!  I handed Brian my camera (so we got the whole thing on video)!!  They opened the gifts and saw GRANDMA & GRANDPA!  My dad said, "Are you trying to tell us something?!"  I said, "I think sooooo!!"  My mom couldn't contain herself.  She started crying and couldn't get it together.  They were SOOOOOO EXCITED!  I LOVE surprising people...probably because I wished more people were able to surprise me or actually put forth the effort to do so. was my best surprise yet!  We pretty much talked about it the whole evening.  My parents have been waiting forever for that moment.  Glad it went well!! :)'s all we talk about!!! :) ...aahhh...Baby Herington is already LOVED!
Above Photo: Mommy (just 5 wks) in our Suite in Orlando, Florida.

Who Wants To Know?!

I'm one of those people that has been waiting for this moment FOREVER! I already knew how I wanted to tell my parents.  They have been desperately wanting to be grandparents, so I figured it would be a BIG moment when I told them.  Fortunately, I was going to be down in Florida the very next week.  I have ALWAYS wanted to be able to tell them something like this in person.  Plus, I wasn't going to just tell them....I was going to give them their very first Grandparent gift!  I bought two white polo shirts and had Grandma embroidered (in red) on one and Grandpa embroidered (in red) on the other one.  Umm...they turned out AWESOME!!  BUT...It isn't easy talking to your mom every single day on the phone and hiding that you are PREGNANT!  In fact, it isn't easy having a conversation with anyone without wanting to blurt it out!! it's Monday today...and tomorrow evening (Tues) Brian and I will be flying into Orlando and having dinner with my parents. They have no idea of the joy they are in for.  So excited!  They probably won't suspect a thing!  (Side Note: Tues, May 24th, 2011 is the day I met Brian...3 years ago! Who would have thought....3yrs later I would be married and having a baby!!) waiting 6 days to tell your parents they are going to be!  But it will be worth it.  So, I wasn't going to just keep this secret forever.  ...

Literally, the Thursday it was confirmed by my second pregnancy test...I HAD TO TELL SOMEONE!  My wonderful friend Holly sent me a text saying she took a mammogram, and she was cancer free! YAY...boobies are safe!  She shared her great news with I figured I would share my news with her!  I felt like telling her first would be a perfect decision.  She has a beautiful and very well-behaved daughter, so she can give me the 411 on birthing a baby AND raising one to be sweet!  Plus, she is totally on my wavelength ... she knew we were trying!  By-far, that was the best conversation I've had in a long time!  I called her up...chatted for a minute...then asked her, "Are you ready to be an Auntie?!"  She screamed and said, "OMG! Are you pregnant?!?"  I said, "YES!"  She has such an awesome reaction.  She was sooo happy for us!  I thought I was already on Cloud 9, but Holly created such an excitement for me!  If you ever want a natural high, get pregnant and call your friend won't come down from that!! 

Oddly, my brother sent me a text on Friday asking me something about Brian.  He ended up calling me, but he couldn't talk long because he was at work.  I could tell he wanted to get off the phone, but DAMN....I have some news!  He was getting ready to hang up when I said, "I have one more question." He, in a hurry, said, "Yes?"  I said, "So, are you ready to be an uncle!?"  Phone goes silent...then he says,"Wait...are you...are you pregnant?!"  YEP!!  Uncle Jeremy was speechless!  I could tell he was smiling on the other end.  He gave me a congrats and asked how far long.  He clearly couldn't even think...HE WAS SOOO EXCITED!  He was stuttering and couldn't figure out what to say, so he let me go with another Congrats!  Five minutes later, he started texting me!  He finally found some words!  He said, "Like I feel like a dork.  I'm just walking around work, smiling dumbly." LOL...I was like..HELLLO....THAT IS WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING!  He sent me a text today...asking when I was going to tell mom and dad.  He is sooo excited!  He felt pretty cool he got to find out before our parents. haha - I have a feeling my mom will like that.  She seemed to always like when Jeremy and I had secrets (as long as it wasn't a 'I KILLED A MAN' type of secret)! lol 

I've got an actual list of people I want to tell before I make the public announcement on FB! :)  I think Brian and I have told a total of 5 people.  The list is much longer than I can't wait to tell everyone!!!  Tomorrow will be the BIG DAY...the day I inform my parents they will get to hold the role of a lifetime!  GRANDMA & GRANDPA!  (Plus, it will be all we talk about for the rest of our days!  And...Uncle Jeremy can finally talk to everyone about it).

What a fabulous time...I'm gonna try to just soak it all in!!  Loving every single minute.... Babyland....

Two Lines Equals A Baby Herington On Board!

So, it has finally happened!  I'm pregnant!  There is a BUN IN THE OVEN!  So, how did it happen you ask?  Okay...well we all know how it happened, but you may want the details.  OK...I'm not giving THOSE details, but I will inform you of how I found out that in 9 months...I will have a precious little angel!

Well, first of all, this baby was 100% planned. I figured it would take months and months of trying to actually end up with a positive pregnancy test, but I was sorta hoping "The Putnam genes" would speed up the whole process.  We tried in March, but my cycle was way off.  I've never had a 21 day cycle, so clearly hitting my 14th day mark WAS NOT going to happen.  It was the worst day when I started my period in early April...THAT is when I realized that I was 100% ready to have a baby. then I went and bought one of those LH Surge Kits.  Ya know, ya pee on a stick and it tells ya when you will be ovulating (or at least 24-36 hrs prior).  Ok...So, my period was WAY off the month before...I didn't know what day to start?!  I picked the surge.  Two days later...ummm no surge.  9th surge. surge. surge. surge.  Mind you...I ONLY was given 7 sticks.  I finally said, "FORGET IT!"  From the 14th day on...I completely gave up and refused to use the last stick.  It was clearly getting me NOWHERE...and I felt like this month was a wash anyway.  Honestly, I felt defeated....felt there was no way in hell I was going to get lucky this month.  So, I went about my business....telling my friends I would wait to have a baby later (although it's not what I wanted at all). 

Skip to my 28th day...I had cramps.  Make that...HORRIBLE CRAMPS! So, damn, I was right....I was going to get my period and NO baby for me.  I was so sad.  The 29th day came and period.  The 30th day came...and still no period.  So the 30th....I did my normal thing.  I went to the gym and did the elliptical for like 30 mins or so.  I came home and got on the treadmill for like 30 mins.  THEN, later in the day, I went to my pilates class.  ANYONE that knows me...KNOWS I live for pilates.  So, I wore shorts and a long sleeve shirt (I tend to get a little chilly in class). Mind you...I have never once sweat in that class.  It is freezing in there.  Anywho...I realized that 10 minutes into the class...I was sweating!  I mean like ridiculously face was sooo red!  I was so embarrassed.  Plus, I felt like a bloated wasn't a good look.  I still had my cramps, but I felt totally "OFF!"  I went home and started to think....hmmm...there is no way I'm pregnant, because who gets that lucky?!  It would be like pinning the tail on a donkey blind-folded and on your first try.  I didn't think my Putnam genes would get me that damn far.  So, I decided to just take a pregnancy test...JUST to know I wasn't pregnant. Of course, I was secretly hoping I was....I still felt there was no way in hell. 

I found the pregnancy test box in my linen closet.  I really didn't want to waste my last one, but I figured it would at least give me peace of mind that this bloating would be coming to an end with the start of my period soon.  THEN, the best thing happened, I saw there were 2 pregnancy tests left! SCORE!  Everyone knows I'm a cheap skate, so I had originally bought the box that had 3 tests for the price of one! VERY AWESOME!  (I had already used one months ago when I was late on my period, but that is another story).  So...TWO TESTS LEFT!  SCORE!  I figured I could at least waste this one for the peace of mind.  I pee'd on the stick and just sat the test in the floor.  No need to actually sit by the thing and worry...I wasn't going to be pregnant.  I went into the other room and changed clothes.  I took my sweet ass time. was still only a minute that went by.  (Box says wait 3 minutes). I picked up the stick and HOLY CRAP!  There was one solid line BUT there was another faint line.  Umm...that makes two! And TWO MEANS BABY!  Right at that moment, Brian yelled, "Sam!!! I'm home!"  CRAP...Brian is here, and I might be pregnant! So, I went into the kitchen for our usual hug and kiss hello.  He went into a story about his day, and I told him a little about my day.  He started in on another story, and I said, "Umm...hold that thought.  I will be right back."  I HAD to see that stick again!!!  OMG...there were definitely two lines!  I took the stick into the kitchen and said, "Ok...I've taken this test before, but I've never seen this!" Brian was like.."Ohmygoodness!  YOU'RE PREGNANT!"  I thought..NO WAY! I immediately wanted to take the other test I had left.  What if this test was a fluke?!  I couldn't stand it.  Brian told me to wait to take the next test the next morning.  I agreed. 

The whole night I couldn't sleep.  I tossed and turned...thinking....Could I be having a baby in 9 months?!?!  I stayed up until 3:30am...or possibly later.  At 6am when Brian's alarm went off, I jumped up and ran to the bathroom!  Ahhh..the moment of truth!  I pee'd and waited!  TWO LINES!!! TWO LINES!!!  The second line on this one was darker!  THANK YOU, JESUS!!!  I couldn't believe it.  I don't think I have ever been happier.  Brian and I were thrilled.  We agreed to meet for lunch that day and celebrate.  I called my Ob/gyn, but they said they didn't need to see me until I was 10-12 weeks.  As long as I wasn't bleeding, they said that horrible cramping was normal.  omg...I'm PREGNANT!