Friday, June 3, 2011

Two Lines Equals A Baby Herington On Board!

So, it has finally happened!  I'm pregnant!  There is a BUN IN THE OVEN!  So, how did it happen you ask?  Okay...well we all know how it happened, but you may want the details.  OK...I'm not giving THOSE details, but I will inform you of how I found out that in 9 months...I will have a precious little angel!

Well, first of all, this baby was 100% planned. I figured it would take months and months of trying to actually end up with a positive pregnancy test, but I was sorta hoping "The Putnam genes" would speed up the whole process.  We tried in March, but my cycle was way off.  I've never had a 21 day cycle, so clearly hitting my 14th day mark WAS NOT going to happen.  It was the worst day when I started my period in early April...THAT is when I realized that I was 100% ready to have a baby. then I went and bought one of those LH Surge Kits.  Ya know, ya pee on a stick and it tells ya when you will be ovulating (or at least 24-36 hrs prior).  Ok...So, my period was WAY off the month before...I didn't know what day to start?!  I picked the surge.  Two days later...ummm no surge.  9th surge. surge. surge. surge.  Mind you...I ONLY was given 7 sticks.  I finally said, "FORGET IT!"  From the 14th day on...I completely gave up and refused to use the last stick.  It was clearly getting me NOWHERE...and I felt like this month was a wash anyway.  Honestly, I felt defeated....felt there was no way in hell I was going to get lucky this month.  So, I went about my business....telling my friends I would wait to have a baby later (although it's not what I wanted at all). 

Skip to my 28th day...I had cramps.  Make that...HORRIBLE CRAMPS! So, damn, I was right....I was going to get my period and NO baby for me.  I was so sad.  The 29th day came and period.  The 30th day came...and still no period.  So the 30th....I did my normal thing.  I went to the gym and did the elliptical for like 30 mins or so.  I came home and got on the treadmill for like 30 mins.  THEN, later in the day, I went to my pilates class.  ANYONE that knows me...KNOWS I live for pilates.  So, I wore shorts and a long sleeve shirt (I tend to get a little chilly in class). Mind you...I have never once sweat in that class.  It is freezing in there.  Anywho...I realized that 10 minutes into the class...I was sweating!  I mean like ridiculously face was sooo red!  I was so embarrassed.  Plus, I felt like a bloated wasn't a good look.  I still had my cramps, but I felt totally "OFF!"  I went home and started to think....hmmm...there is no way I'm pregnant, because who gets that lucky?!  It would be like pinning the tail on a donkey blind-folded and on your first try.  I didn't think my Putnam genes would get me that damn far.  So, I decided to just take a pregnancy test...JUST to know I wasn't pregnant. Of course, I was secretly hoping I was....I still felt there was no way in hell. 

I found the pregnancy test box in my linen closet.  I really didn't want to waste my last one, but I figured it would at least give me peace of mind that this bloating would be coming to an end with the start of my period soon.  THEN, the best thing happened, I saw there were 2 pregnancy tests left! SCORE!  Everyone knows I'm a cheap skate, so I had originally bought the box that had 3 tests for the price of one! VERY AWESOME!  (I had already used one months ago when I was late on my period, but that is another story).  So...TWO TESTS LEFT!  SCORE!  I figured I could at least waste this one for the peace of mind.  I pee'd on the stick and just sat the test in the floor.  No need to actually sit by the thing and worry...I wasn't going to be pregnant.  I went into the other room and changed clothes.  I took my sweet ass time. was still only a minute that went by.  (Box says wait 3 minutes). I picked up the stick and HOLY CRAP!  There was one solid line BUT there was another faint line.  Umm...that makes two! And TWO MEANS BABY!  Right at that moment, Brian yelled, "Sam!!! I'm home!"  CRAP...Brian is here, and I might be pregnant! So, I went into the kitchen for our usual hug and kiss hello.  He went into a story about his day, and I told him a little about my day.  He started in on another story, and I said, "Umm...hold that thought.  I will be right back."  I HAD to see that stick again!!!  OMG...there were definitely two lines!  I took the stick into the kitchen and said, "Ok...I've taken this test before, but I've never seen this!" Brian was like.."Ohmygoodness!  YOU'RE PREGNANT!"  I thought..NO WAY! I immediately wanted to take the other test I had left.  What if this test was a fluke?!  I couldn't stand it.  Brian told me to wait to take the next test the next morning.  I agreed. 

The whole night I couldn't sleep.  I tossed and turned...thinking....Could I be having a baby in 9 months?!?!  I stayed up until 3:30am...or possibly later.  At 6am when Brian's alarm went off, I jumped up and ran to the bathroom!  Ahhh..the moment of truth!  I pee'd and waited!  TWO LINES!!! TWO LINES!!!  The second line on this one was darker!  THANK YOU, JESUS!!!  I couldn't believe it.  I don't think I have ever been happier.  Brian and I were thrilled.  We agreed to meet for lunch that day and celebrate.  I called my Ob/gyn, but they said they didn't need to see me until I was 10-12 weeks.  As long as I wasn't bleeding, they said that horrible cramping was normal.  omg...I'm PREGNANT! 

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