Monday, July 18, 2011

Exhausted: Moving & Saying Good-Bye...

So, this past week was CRAZY!  We've finally moved out of our NC home!!  It was exhausting for my pregnant ass. 

Okay, So...I'm one of the luckier people in the world.  I didn't have to pack one thing.  We had a 4 person team of people to actually do all the packing.  It took them 2 days to pack all of our stuff.  So, why so stressful??  Well, I had to wake up at 7am, and I had to be up roaming around the house all day (answering questions, welcoming chit-chat, etc).  Around noon, we had another team of 3 people that showed up to crate our very large/expensive items (this took 2 days as well).  I had to make several phone calls during the day, ya know, to cancel things (cable/phone/internet, electricity, trash, water, etc).  Now, making phone calls seems easy enough, but every damn person I talked to seemed super confused.  I went off on SEVERAL individuals...and decided the hubby could do the rest of the calling when he got in town.  Ok, so the 4 packers and the 3 person crating team didn't leave until like 5:30pm.  At that point, I was worn out!  I was starving and sick of being on my feet.  I got in my rental car (which I thought was super embarrassing), and darted off to the nearest fast food joint.  The drive-thru never seemed slower.  As soon as I got back home, I ate and was in bed by 6:30pm. 

What sucks soooo bad about being pregnant (or in your first trimester, at least) is that you are F'N tired!  Sometimes I'm just a little sleepy, and sometimes I'm exhausted to the bone.  THAT is the most irritating thing for me.  I used to be the girl that had all this energy.  I used to make it to the gym 2-4 x's a DAY!  I used to think people who took naps were losers.  BTW: even being this tired...I HATE NAPS!  I always feel hungover after I wake up in the middle of the day, so I just avoid them at all cost.  I honestly can't wait to have this baby and get back to my energetic self (the girl who works out like it's her job)!

So, after two days of packing and crating, the movers could actually come and move our stuff!  They arrived the earliest... so my ass was up at the crack of dawn.  Day 1 with the  movers/Day 3 of moving: I was there alone.... Hubby had a huge meeting back in Memphis, so he showed up late that evening.  So, 5 dudes were loading up stuff and shipping it out to the truck.  I had to watch these people ALL DAY, because if they drop my furniture or scratch the walls... SOMEONE is going to get cussed out!  (SIDENOTE:  I sealed all 5 toilets upstairs and 1 downstairs...because HELLO they were just cleaned.  So, I told all 5 guys they could only use 1 restroom on the first floor (since I hadn't cleaned it yet).  :) hehe..   I obviously left another one in the MASTER for myself, because a pregnant woman needs an open restroom at all times!  UMM... how many times a day do you men take a dump!?!?  Those 5 movers went in some weird rotation.  They took like 3 dumps each... and were in the bathroom FOREVER!  It was really gross... I knew I WOULD NOT be cleaning their bathroom.  EW!  Men are so gross.)  Having to walk around and check on movers all day SUCKS!  Again, I was in bed by 6:30pm.  Last day:  Brian was he had to deal with these nasty men.  I did as much cleaning as possible, because let's face it... I clean better than any MAID service.  Plus, my house was pretty much spotless anyway.  I'm a bit of a clean freak :) part... Brian ended up cleaning the restroom that was appointed to the movers! LOL  - He's awesome. 

So, I said GOOD-BYE to my North Carolina home.  As exhausting as it was, it finally got accomplished.  Leaving was a little bitter sweet.  As I got ready to leave, my little red cardinal, Fabian (the name I gave him the second day I saw him), showed up at my window.  He then flew to the place where his bird-feeder was...and hopped around.  (Back story: This little bird started showing up 2 winters ago.  He would fly to my master bedroom window in the morning.  Sometimes, I would be waking up, roll over in bed, and sweet lil Fabian was sitting there at my window.  He'd follow me from room to room...just sitting on the window ledge.  Now, some of you might think I'm crazy, but my friends and family have seen this little bird follow me.  He would always peck on the window to get my attention, and I would sing to him.  I swear I'm not crazy.  In fact, everyone my husband used to work with would call me Snow White.... because they assume I'm some animal charmer.  Even when it snowed last winter and the snow covered the bird-feeder, I took a plate of bird food out to him. I'm pretty sure he had a huge crush on me.)  Anywho... I couldn't bare that little sweety not having any bird food or having HIS bird-feeder.  So, we unpacked it.... and left it.  He just sat on the bird-feeder for what seemed like 30 minutes.  So, sad.  I did tell him my new address in case he wants to travel to TN... and make this his new home.  I know for a fact there are many lady cardinals in this area!! :)  I took my last photo of Fabian, and I had to say GOOD-BYE.  :(

photo below: My sweet baby... Fabian

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  1. What a great story.... You should write children books... Serious I was waiting for you to tell us he did infact show up at your new house and peck on the window.