Monday, July 11, 2011

All of a sudden...there was MY BABY!!

OK (blog below explained my morning)....Then, around 2:30, I'm in the doctor's office (still crazy and enraged).  Then, the nurse called me back.  I was all flustered, but I just followed the nurse.  We went into a room that had a sign that said...ULTRASOUND!  I was so flustered...I couldn't even get excited.  I sat back...the lady put the gel on my stomach...and ALL OF A SUDDEN... THERE IT WAS! MY BABY!  And....all my stress faded away.  My smile couldn't have been bigger...

My little angel was kicking its feet and moving its arms all around.  The lady said,"Whoa, your baby is super active."  She couldn't even measure him/her at first because baby was excited!  It's like it was dancing for us!  So sweet!  I got to hear the heartbeat ..170bpm.'s 4cm....teeny tiny!  Then, suddenly, baby went to sleep.  It wore itself out.  Fell asleep with its hand on its head.  Finally, we were able to measure baby and measure neck (checking for possible down syndrome).  Everything looked great!  I was excited to see those baby hands...the thumb...and that little nose.  IT was so cute.  I immediately sent pictures out to friends and family.  Everyone needed to see Baby Herington!  I know it's just an ultrasound picture, but it's everything to me.  That little person is going to be mine forever.  Ok...maybe not forever...but he or she is MINE!  And I get to keep it!  It's by far the best thing ever to see it. 

I immediately lost all my anger towards every single person I had HATED earlier in the day.  All I wanted to do was stop every single person on the way out of the Doctor's office and show them pictures of my baby!'s so funny.  On the way home, I drove very slow....God forbid one of these crazy, 100mph drivers runs into me and injures my angel.  :)  I think I need to keep those pictures in my puts everything in perspective.

My thoughts:  My child is clearly amazing, because they were dancing for me.  Ya know, putting on a little show for Mommy!  Then, they have Daddy-genes, because they are able to just fall asleep at a drop of a hat.  I'm thinking this child MUST be the smartest thing in a womb!  LOL...I know I'm completely crazy.  Every parent thinks their child is amazing, and I'm just gonna follow suit.  ;) 

In love with a mini-me...

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