Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Most Important Thing Ever...

I'm starting to turn into the person I never thought I would.  Ok, so I sort of had an idea I'd be this person, but you never know until you're actually here.  So... the MAJOR change...

- If you ever plan on talking to me in the near future (or for the rest of my life), you will need to know my topic of choice.  The only thing I want to talk about it is my lil man.  Yes, I care how you're doing.  Yes, I care about your life.  Yes, I want to know about your day.  BUT.... after we discuss it for 5 minutes, we need to go back to the most important thing ever.... my baby! 

Now, I didn't think I would be this way, so you will have to forgive me.  I always thought it was overkill when people posted a million and five pictures of their children on facebook.  Even though I enjoy every single persons pictures (especially of their cute kids), I thought it was overboard.  I completely get it now.  I used to say...I'm not going to do that.  However, I realize that I AM TOTALLY GOING TO BE THAT PERSON TOO!!  I already think my little peanut hung the moon.  He's my whole world. 

I've always LOVED looking at my friends children.  They are all soooo adorable!  And the video's of the kids... are sooo cute!!  Each and every parent I know is sooo blessed.  I am just thankful I get to participate in that.  So, if I annoy you with my baby stories or talk about him too much, you must forgive me.  He's on my mind all day...everyday. 

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