Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Best Part Of My Day...

I've been feeling the baby flutters for awhile now.  What are baby flutters?  It's when my baby boy kicks, moves around, or squirms! :)  They aren't the super powerful kicks yet that I'm sure I will be feeling soon, but they are just as special.

The first time I felt Stanley move:  It was a couple of weeks ago.  I had been laying in bed for the majority of the evening.  It was one of those 'exhausted for no apparent reason' kind of days.  I was sitting up in bed... just watching TV.  Brian got home from work, and he walked into the bedroom.  Every day he comes home, I'm greeted with a "Hi, Honey!"...a hug... and a kiss.  This day was no different.  However, as soon as he entered the bedroom and started talking, my tummy started to flutter.  It felt like a super huge popcorn kernel had just popped in my tummy!  Every time he got near me and spoke, the popping got bigger.  I couldn't believe it.  I knew immediately it was Stanley... greeting his daddy!

I've felt many flutters since then, but they have gotten much stronger.  This weekend my parents and brother came for a visit.  I was super excited to have the fam here and apparently Stanley cup was excited too!  As soon as he heard all the voices, he was up and movin!  We went to the zoo one morning....which if you haven't been to the Memphis Zoo..umm go!  It's the best zoo ever!  We were looking at the animals along with many other families.  A child started screaming near me, and Stanley started moving!  I think he was startled... he hasn't heard shrieks from anyone before.  I was a little pissed some crazy child woke mine up and scared him to death., but at the same time I thought it was cute.  The way I see it... a moving baby... is a healthy baby!  My family decided to play Trivial Pursuit one night, and we tend to get a little loud.  When my brother laughed insanely loud, Stanley jumped!  I was like, "omigod....you scared him!"  He was up and on full alert.

It's just so sweet when he moves around.  It feels really weird, but I love it.  I love when he's awake and moving and stretching.  He is getting super active.  I am starting to feel him A LOT!  It doesn't matter what kind of day I'm having... when he moves, it makes my day perfect.  It's the absolute best part of my day.. every...single... day!

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