Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Get A Kick Out Of It!

At this point, I can pretty much tell when Stanley is awake, because he will start up a kicking storm.  It doesn't hurt, of course, but he is getting stronger by the day.  He likes to punch my bladder...it must be fun for him.  And... it feels so weird when he moves around behind my belly button.  I'm so scared he is going to kick at my belly button, and it will quickly become flat!  Yes, I still have my belly button!  I assume it will become flat like every other pregnant lady, but I'm hoping it waits until the last minute.  I don't want it to start popping out! 

My lil man is a complete night owl.  He's very active in the early morning and around noon, but he's his most active at night.  Usually... around 10 or 11pm.  His kicks get super strong then.  Throughout the day, I can usually tell he's awake because he will start a little kicking fit... but it's never quite as strong or long as night time.  I guess he takes after his momma!  :) 

Some of my friends who don't have kids yet ask me if the kicks hurt.  NOPE!  Not at all.  They feel weird...because HELLO there is a person growing inside your stomach, but they don't hurt.  Even when he punches my bladder, it doesn't hurt.  In fact, I usually get very sad when he's not moving.  I want to wake him up :)  I love feeling the little man move.  When he kicks, it puts a huge smile on my face...AANNDD, of course, I start talking to him. 

The other night I put my cell phone on my tummy. I don't normally do that, but I just wanted to rest it there for a minute.  He immediately kicked it twice!! He doesn't normally kick that high, but he went right for it!  I swear...he wanted to make a call.  I immediately sent Brian a text (he's in Vegas for a conference) and told him that Stanley wanted to call him ...and ask him to come home!  Brian likes the thought that the baby already misses him :)  He gets a kick out of it!

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  1. Lol....that's a good story.....as in storybook or storyteller......get the picture???? Seriously Stanley.is one lucky little Guy and I know he will bring you and your family joy!!!! ♥