Monday, October 24, 2011

Irrational Occasionally!

So, last week I posted a rant on facebook about how I was sooo ready to move from TN already.  A lot of people contacted me wanting to know why?!!?  They wanted to know WHAT HAPPENED?!?  Okay, I thought I would let non-mother's into the wonderful world of pregnancy. 

I got up Wednesday morning thinking I would take the trash out...ya know, because Thursday is "trash day."  I didn't feel like doing it first thing in the morning...and besides... I had all day to do it.  SO... around noon... I see the TRASH MEN picking up the neighbors trash!!! I sent Brian a text wanting to know what was going on!!!  (Side note: Brian was out of California for work).  He sent me text back saying "trash day" is Wednesday.  CRAP!!  I totally got the wrong day.  I had a serious meltdown.  Brian told me I shouldn't take out the trash, because he didn't want me carrying or pulling a heavy trashcan.  I see his point, but damn....I'm not that fragile.  (I tend to think I can do more than pregnant women are supposed to be doing).  ANYWAY...
I basically wanted to move because THE TRASH MEN CAME ON THE CORRECT DAY.  THAT is what hormones do to pregnant women.  At the time, I thought it was a completely rational reason to move immediately.  Now, I think it's silly, but whatever... I had a moment. 

So...when you see me raging over something on facebook, just calm down.  I'm a crazy person most days.  I will have a second home in Florida, but I swear I'm not permanently moving there.  I do think I will have one more major move within the next couple of years, but it won't be because the trash men came on the correct day.  :) My husband is beyond successful, so a move would be due to his occupation.  Lesson is: Sam is hormonal and irrational occasionally... don't take my rants too seriously!   


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  1. Lol...

    Don't worry about it?? All women who have been pregnant understand and if they don't who cares. Not much longer and little man will make his appearance and we'll have our Sam that we know and love back.♥