Saturday, January 21, 2012

38 Week Check-Up = In Labor!

It's been awhile since I've blogged, but I've been super busy!  So...let me catch you all up on my baby adventures.

My 38th week appointment was on Tuesday, January 10, 2012.  I was really looking forward to seeing if I had dilated anymore and to see the ultrasound (I wanted to see how big my peanut was).  I was set to be induced a week later, so I wanted to get as much info as possible regarding this whole labor thing.

I get to my appointment, and there was no ultrasound scheduled for me.  I was so bummed.  So, I saw my OB, and he said I'd dilated a little more.  Everything looked great.  So, I asked if we could get an ultrasound ... just to see how big my punkin was.  He said..."SURE!"  Somehow it just slipped through the cracks that I was supposed to get one.  My mom had already arrived in town, so this would be the first ultrasound she attended.  We were excited to see little Stanley.  During the ultrasound, the ultrasound tech (who is usually super talkative about how cute my baby is) wasn't saying much.  She was measuring things on the baby, and I didn't know what was going on.  It was completely different.  I thought....well maybe she's having a bad day.  Immediately, she started asking me what I had for breakfast.  She asked me if I've had any leaking.  She asked if I lost my mucus plug or had been dehydrated.  I immediately got nervous.  I HAD been dehydrated (the week before I was super sick - fever, chills, contractions, and much MUCH more).  I had had a three day migraine and my meds for that tend to leave me VERY dehydrated.  I thought...well hell...I can go drink some water!  She said, "Okay, I'm going to check this for the third time...and it will be the tie breaker."  I thought...WHAT?!?!  What are we checking?  She said there wasn't a lot of fluid around the baby, and it was very possible my water had already broken and instead of a gush it was a small trickle.  OMG!! I had read about that...and honestly I always thought it was a possibility, but I always forgot to tell my OB!  CRAP!  I asked what would happen if he didn't have enough fluid.  She said, "Then...Happy Birthday, Stanley!"  The ultrasound ended quickly after that.  I was told to wait in the waiting room again.  I heard the ultrasound tech talking to my OB and his nurse.  I was immediately asked to come back into the hall where they were.

My OB said, "Well there isn't a lot of fluid around the baby.  He's full term and let's just go ahead and have this baby today."  Shocked....I said, "well, I mean maybe I'm dehydrated from my Imitrex (med I take for my migraines)."  He said, "I don't think so.  I think your water has been broken for awhile."  SO... I was told to go to Labor and Delivery as soon as possible.

I left in shock.  I couldn't believe I was about to have a baby!!!  I mean...I never wrapped my head around the whole labor thing.  I thought I had a week or something to dwell on that.  I never let myself get too worked up about it. life was about to change forever.  I immediately called Brian's cell phone.  No answer.  I called and called and sent text messages.  NOTHING!  I freaked out!  I called his secretary, Pam, and told her that I needed to get ahold of him ASAP since I was going into labor!  She said she would get him immediately.  He was apparently in a meeting with 30 people.  She walked in and handed him a note just as he was about to begin a presentation.  He told everyone, "Well...I have to leave.  I'm having a baby!"  Hope that meeting wasn't too important! :) 

Brian and I (and my mom) met up at our house.  We grabbed our hospital bags, and we were out the door.  When we arrived at Labor and Delivery, I was still in shock.  It was all happening so fast.  I didn't have time to freak out about the whole labor thing.  Stanley was coming...and there wasn't even time to dwell on the horrible things that could happen. 

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  1. ohhhh i love reading birth stories.... keep typing!!!