Saturday, January 21, 2012

Labor & Baby Stanley!

On Tuesday, January 10, 2012, I found myself at Admissions in the Labor and Delivery.  I did NOT think that is where I'd be that day; nevertheless, I was happy that my transition from pregnant (FAT) lady into a Mommy would be taking place soon. 

I checked in and got hooked up to some fluid.  They started me on Pitocin, and I asked for my Epidural right away.  I wasn't about to miss that Epidural! 

I went through 3 bags of fluid VERY quickly.  I was beyond dehydrated.  I was feeling contractions, but I didn't think they were that bad.  Although...I'm a very tough biotch.  After I'd been in there awhile, it was time to get my epidural.  Now, I've seen people on these reality shows get these epidurals.  They cry....they complain... they say "OUCH!"  So, I really braced myself for the pain.  OK...let me just tell you about this "painful" epidural.  IT WASN'T PAINFUL AT ALL!  If you've never had one, don't EVER stress out about this.  You feel a prick when they numb the area.  THEN, you feel some pressure when the epidural goes in, BUT that is it.  There was no reason to complain of pain AT ALL!  Hell...when the nurse put the IV in my hand, it hurt worse.

So, I now waited for these contractions.  The wonderful part about the epidural is.... you don't feel a thing!  I didn't feel any contractions.  Hell, I couldn't feel my legs.  Seriously, I would touch my leg and it's like it wasn't even my leg.  I couldn't even move them.  I started to feel like a paraplegic...and immediately felt for anyone who couldn't feel their lower half. 

I had checked into the hospital at around 12ish-1ish.  I knew it wouldn't be a short process, but after a few hours....I WAS STARVING!  Absolutely famished!  I had only eaten a small bowl of Cheerio's that morning around 6am.  When the nurse gave me ice chips, I thought it was the best thing in the world.  They kept telling me to eat them slowly, because I could vomit if I ate them too fast.  So...that pretty much ruined my "pig out on ice chips" idea.  I kept dreaming of a cheeseburger.... french fries...donuts... Mt. Dew... anything at all would be fine!  I just had to grin and bear it.

MY OB came in the room and eventually broke my water (well...what was left of it).  And...there wasn't much there.  However, five minutes after he broke my water, Stanley's heart rate plummeted.  All of a sudden, my OB was in the nurse....and 6 other nurses rushed into the room.  One gave me a shot in the arm, others rolled my on my side, and one gave me an oxygen mask.  The only thing I heard was..."This oxygen isn't for's for the baby."  I couldn't focus on one voice.  I had no clue what was going on.  Brian told me later that one nurse said they had the Operating Room ready for me.  Apparently, Stanley had the umbilical cord wrapped around something (possibly an arm or leg), and it was cutting off his blood supply.  He became stable very quickly, but for those minutes....I had no idea what was going on.  SOMEHOW...I kept it together.  I didn't cry...although I was fighting back tears.

I kept the oxygen on for the rest of the time...except to eat those special ice chips.  I felt like I couldn't move or something horrible would happen to him.  My neck was very uncomfortable the whole time.  AND...what happens to me when my neck is uncomfortable??  A MIGRAINE!  I could feel the pressure building in my head.  An emergency C-Section was never ruled out after that.  I was completely ready to do whatever I needed to do to get him out safely. 

Around 1am on Wednesday, January 11, 2012, I developed a small fever.  Although, I must felt like my temperature was 110 degrees!  I used cold towels to feel better.  This did nothing for the migraine that had been building.  At around 2am, I was fully dilated and ready to push.  The nurse did some pushing with me at first.  The epidural was wearing off so I could actually feel contractions and could push to the best of my ability.  The whole time I kept thinking....HOLY CRAP!  I am about to have a baby!  You see people have babies on hear the stories of everyone else...but when it happens to you, it's a whole different animal.  I pushed for awhile with the nurse, and then it was time for the big event.  My OB came in...the nurses came in... and it was time.  I didn't have to do a ton of pushing, but whatever I did was not painful at all.  I felt pressure, but it wasn't painful at all.

My last push was the main event.  At 2:38am, Stanley's head came out....and I could feel it.  It was a massive amount of pressure, but nothing I couldn't do 80 more times in my life.  I waited to hear him cry, while the rest of his body was still inside me.  The moment I heard him squeal...I lost it.  Tears were flowing, and the rest of him was quickly out.  They put him on me, and I got to see his face for a moment.  I could only get out, "He's so cute!"  They took him away to clean him up and get measurements.  It was over.  This whole LABOR thing was done. 

SO.... why the hell do people go on and on about how painful it is?  I kept telling people it couldn't be worse than a migraine.  AND...let me tell you.... I WAS RIGHT!!  Migraines are sooooo much worse.  People tell me that I had it easy, but I fully intend on having more kids after that.  I'll weigh in on the pain factor on my next one too.  Yes, I had an epidural which I can't imagine not having.  BUT... birth with an epidural was easy in my opinion.  It wasn't like I had imagined.  I didn't cuss or get mean at all.  I was facebooking...texting...and having some laughs. 

People told me that having a child is the absolute best thing, and I heard them but never quite understood.  And it's not something you can understand until you go through it.  As I sit here and watch my sweet baby boy sleep in his swing, I get it.  I understand fully what those people were talking about.  It's a's exclusive to those who have walked in this path.  I'd do anything for that little man.  He is more precious to me than anything.  I can't take my eyes off him.  It seems so surreal to think I'm a mommy.  As I navigate through this whole Mommy thing, I can't help but feel extremely lucky.  I cherish every single day with my baby angel.

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  1. What a great story!! And YAY that he is finally here and that you had a GREAT experience!!!! I am glad it was easy for you. I had two c-sections so I can't really say it was hard, but the recovery was pretty intense... but nothing I wouldn't do over and over again for them (of course). I didn't get the big deal about the epidural either - though with Hope I was HORRIBLY contracting when they gave it to me with NO meds and I was like HURRY the HECK up!!!! HA! I couldn't imagine giving birth naturally with no pain meds - have had friends do it - more power to them --- but, um, no! :) Ha! That's like saying, nah doc, I don't need the Novocain, just pull my tooth.