Thursday, June 30, 2011

Getting Used To Baby Peanut! I'm totally getting used to this whole pregnancy thing.  At first, I was terrified to do ANYTHING!  I would do half-ass workouts... sleep a certain way... etc.  Now, it's like I'm not even pregnant.  I get in the gym and hit it hard (okay...not too hard...but I'm not scared to push it a little).

I have no delusions that I will be a little, thin pregnant woman.  I'm pretty positive I will gain EVERYWHERE....because that's what I do when I gain weight in general.  I will have fat arms, a fat face, a fat stomach, a fat ass, and fat thighs.  AND...I'm okay with that.  Okay...not really.  BUT what can ya do?!!? It's not like I can diet.  I think most people know by now that I'm the queen of diet and exercise. If anyone can lose weigh in a short amount of's ME!  So, when people tell me that I won't lose the baby weight....or that I will never look the same.....I just LAUGH!  I assume they are just jealous because they didn't own the discipline that I do.  I don't want to be a fat, unhealthy mom.  Will I return to my 96lbs?  Perhaps....or perhaps I will be happy with being 100lbs.  Regardless, for all the haters out there....keep it up.  You will only fuel my fire to become better looking than before.  AND....let's face it....if I can't do it alone....I'm someone that can afford the best plastic surgeon and an awesome trainer.  SO...please don't test me!

I'm almost 11 weeks.  My acne has cleared up (thanks to my Doctor giving me some awesome medication for it....and my to-die-for facials).  I'm getting my hair done this weekend by my gorgeous friend Krystyna (so THAT will make me feel hotter). lol.  AND....I  have no tan.....BUT I'm going to Florida again this weekend so perhaps I will get a little color.  All-in-all....This pregnancy is going well.  :)

I get my first ultrasound in less than 2 weeks!!!  I. CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!!!!!!

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