Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Update on Mommy!

Okay, so the morning sickness has subsided.  I really only had it for a week.  It may come back, but I'm not that worried about it at this moment in time.

I still get food aversions (can't STAND certain foods I used to love ...and that are healthy).  And...I'm HUNGRY all the dang time.  It's really ridiculous.  I feel like I'm eating more than the contestants on The Biggest Loser (pre-weight-loss program).

And...HELLO Acne!  I have never really had bad skin.  I would sometimes get the bad cystic acne a couple days prior to my period, but THIS acne is crazy.  I look like a pizza face!  Red dot, red dot, red dot, dot I picked at, scab, red dot....it's just gross.  And what is UP with this greasy skin?!?!  I used to make fun of my brother for having just pools of grease on his face....ddaammnnn karma is such a bitch.  If anyone needs some grease to cook some french fries with, I have tons on my face you can use! 

I haven't been to an Ob/gyn yet...so I'm getting a little anxious.  Just 8 weeks today! 

All in all ... I'm feeling pretty great.  Yes, I have my "fat" days, but I realize I have to gain weight or at least not be my 98lbs self.  It's sooo sad some days, but I know it will all be worth it.  Plus, I'm a crazy person...so I will definitely lose the weight. 

OK...so...I will totally guess at the sex of the baby.  I think I'm having a boy.  We shall see if I stick with that feeling!:)

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