Monday, July 11, 2011

Another day of going ape-shit on anyone and everyone...

Okay...Today started out ridiculous!  On a normal (non-pregnancy) day, I wouldn't even get miffed about ANYTHING that went wrong in this day...HOWEVER, the pregnant SAM went ape-shit! 

(1) The maid came just as I was about to leave.  Her "normal" day is Thursday; however, she's decided to just come whenever she feels like it.  Two weeks ago, she came on Friday.  Last week, she forgot to come.  So, of course, today she decided to come JUST as I was LEAVING!  Like....literally in my CAR on the way out, and she arrived!  UUGGHH!!  I was on the phone with my mom, so I barely spoke to the maid but gave her the eye.  She's really starting to PISS ME OFF!! (side note: She's actually a really nice person.  She's very religious, and we usually just talk about that stuff).  ANYWHO...Today, I just couldn't deal with her Pop-In, Pop-Out style.  I'm pretty sure she could tell I was pissed when I went in and grabbed all of my expensive jewelry off the bathroom counter.  Plus, I was talking to my my mom got an ear-full about this woman.  So, NOW...I've decided to complain about her.  BUT....first...I had to get my nails done!

(2) Okay, I arrive at the Nail Salon at 1:25pm.  I SHOULD have been there earlier, BUT since the maid came ...I lost 5-8 minutes going back in and grabbing my expensive shit.  SORRY... I don't TRUST! Anywho...I tell the dude I need a french with the gel.  No acrylic. No tips. JUST THE GEL POLISH!  Now...that seemed like an easy request considering the dude did my nails TWO WEEKS AGO! wasn't easy for this dumbass.  He tried to put tips on....I was like..."NO!"  Then...he gets out the acrylic.  OK...I wore acrylic on my nails for SIX YEARS!  SIX!  So, Mr. Nail Dude....I know exactly what I want and it ain't acrylic.  HE wasted 10 minutes of my time getting them ready for acrylic.  I could have KILLED!  Then, another bitch started on my nails when I was like..."OMG! I need to see someone else."  Ms. Nail lady decided she didn't get it either.  The owner came over and I was like, "Look, this is clearly too difficult for you folks. I was here two weeks ago, and you put the gel polish on."  She said,"Oh, yes, you should have said gel."  BITCH ,I DID!  I told them I was going elsewhere.  They said, "No, No (in that Vietnamese-English voice)!"  I said, "ok, I have ten minutes left before I have a Dr.'s appt, so how about we just pick a color, any color, and call it a day."  I made her paint my nails pink, and I stormed out!  I WILL NOT BE GOING BACK THERE.  UUGGHH...this is why I don't carry my gun.

(3) On the way to the Doctor's office, I encountered every dip on the road.  The 95-year-old male in a white piece...EATING dorito's while driving, the old woman talking on her cell and confused about life, and the slow mom with clearly 10 children in the back of her car jumping up and down: All accounted for!  Ok, I actually felt sorry for the  mom....she looked like she needed a cocktail.  Top it off...I hit every red light.  I decided to speed through the Hospital parking lot....because 100mph is totally acceptable for a pregnant bitch.  So, by the time I got into the Doctor's office, I was enraged, sweating, and 15-minutes late.  Needless to say, I hated everyone in the waiting room.  Why?  I don't know...JUST BECAUSE! 

Cut to my next blog......  :)

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