Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Today was one of "those" days...

Today was a pretty hard day.  It was one of "those" day...  Why?  Because it was one of those days when you wake up and you feel like a fat old penny loafer!  I swear...I looked in the mirror and it looks as though I got bit by a poisonous snake and immediately bloated up!  I was like..."who is this person?!"  My boobs are outrageous.  Prior to pregnancy, I was one of those ladies who LOVED to be flat and would attempt to get flatter at any cost!  Being a 30A was a DREAM!  BUT ...what are these meat balloons?!?  AND...I hear they are going to get bigger...oh Lord help us all! 

And...Okay Acne....we've all had enough of you!  I'm like a 16-year-old male who works at a Pizza Hut!  It's ridiculous!  And this attitude I have ...SUCKS!  I'm usually a very nice person, but lately it's like I've entered a bitch far... I'm winning by a landslide!  I just keep telling myself....IT'S ALL WORTH IT!

So, what gets me through these horrific devilish days??  Support from all of my friends and family!!  (This includes EVERYONE that is reading these blogs and EVERYONE on Facebook that has something encouraging or nice to say)!  I'm floored about the amount of hits I get on this blog.  I honestly feel the love from all of you and it helps tremendously!  I actually really appreciate the stories everyone has regarding their own pregnancy woes.  And when it comes down to it....I'm THRILLED to be apart of the MOMMY club! :)  So...THANK YOU ALL!!   You make this pregnancy much easier! :) 

The pic below is the day after Brian and I got engaged in St. Thomas.  It makes me I thought I would just add it.  Puts a smile on a fat old penny loafers face! :)~

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