Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My 4th of July Weekend.....

The 4th weekend was fun/stressful/painful/and upsetting.

Fun: I spent Saturday getting my hair done with my mom.  I always fly down to Orlando to have my hair done...is that weird?  My sexual kitten friend, Krystyna, always does this hair...and I LOVE her for it.  I wish she lived in my home and could do it every single day.  I literally trust nobody else to do this hair.  Anyway...it's always fun going to the salon and catching up on the gossip! :)  THEN, my mom and I had lunch with my lovely friend Dana and her adorable daughter, Holly.  I've always looked up to Dana, and she has always been someone that I feel safe with.  She's just super loving and nurturing...just a beautiful person inside and out.  Anytime I get to spend with Danakins is the best!  AND...Holly is sooo cute!  I swear I could just scoop up that little girl and take her home.  She couldn't be any sweeter!  The lunch was awesome!  My mom and I just couldn't stop talking about how adorable Holly was and how I get to have one of those!  My friends literally have the cutest kids....every time I see them....BABY FEVER!  I also went shopping and bought myself a handbag, because I felt it was necessary! lol :)  And....I got some chocolate covered strawberries :)  All in all, that was a FABULOUS day!  Oh...and looking at baby clothes with my mom was fun too! But she knows I enjoy spending time with her and laughing about everything. 

Stressful: Obviously, this was when I had to tell the step-kids about the baby.  I don't know why I stress about it...Brian doesn't.  I just want them to be happy....I don't want to them be upset about these things.

Painful: Sunday evening...I started getting a horrific migraine.  I had to stay in the hotel room, lights off, and in bed.  Everyone else got to go to a movie...Universal...and out to eat.  I, of course, was happy they got to go have fun, but it sucked I couldn't be apart of it.  Booo....  Of course, Monday morning...Migraine had gotten worse.  We had to travel to Naples to take the girls home...and off to Ft. Myers to get on a plane.  Then we had a layover in Atlanta.  Meanwhile, I was DYING....my head was pounding..pounding... POUNDING!

Upsetting:  The kicker of the day...our flight in Atlanta got delayed for 3 hrs.  There were storms in the area.  So, as we sat on the runway for an HOUR....my head was getting worse and worse.  Then, we finally take off and the turbulence was SOOO bad.  We were going up and down...like a freakin roller coaster.  I was sooo nervous, nauseous, and in pain....I immediately started to cry.  I, of course, had to hide my tears....because let's face it....if we don't die on this plane...I might look like a fool.  So, when we landed (Thank you, Lord), Brian and I made it out to the parking garage and I just started bawling my eyes out.  Brian freaked out, because he knew I was in serious pain.  I had just been so stressed out and in pain....It was too upsetting for me.  I cried for like 30 minutes.  It's ridiculous.  When we finally got home, I just took a hydrocodone and got in bed.  Miserable.  It's now Tuesday evening, and I still have a migraine.  It's a low-grade migraine now, so I can deal with it.  I refused to do anything today...but ya know...stay in bed and watch this whole Casey Anthony Bullshit.  Will this migraine ever go away?? I don't know...but I refuse to do anything until it does.  And...Even though it's painful as F*CK, I still think baby peanut is all worth it. 

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