Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Telling The Step-Girls...

So, everyone knows that telling my step-girls about the baby could have gone 3 different ways.  (1) They could have been shitty right from the jump, and they could have both had a serious meltdown.  They are tweens... they have meltdowns about the craziest things.  (2) They could have been happy...and realized this would eventually happen.  Then, start texting or call their mother and end up very shitty because she was pissed or depressed about the situation!  They tend to look to their mother on how to react instead of going with their gut feelings.  OR (3) They could just be happy and excited to have a new little brother or sister on the way.

So, how did it go, you ask?!  It went down like this...  The girls got back late from Universal Studios with Brian on Saturday.  I couldn't go b/c I can't ride any rides...so I got my hair done, had lunch with my mom, Dana, and Holly, and went shopping (I will get to my fun day later)!  Anywho...The girls were in a GREAT mood!  I've heard they never get to go anywhere or do anything with their mom...so it's a real treat when we come down to see them!  They were jumping around and talking about their awesome day.  The younger one got in bed and snuggled with me, because everyone knows...she is my Partner In Crime! :)  We were all gathered in the main bedroom of our suite when Brian's oldest said, "Sam, your arms are looking super muscular! They look like they are getting bigger."  I took that moment to say.."Well, I'm gonna be getting EVEN bigger!"  They both looked at me like I was crazy.  They were like, "Wait. What does that mean?"  Brian said, "Well girls...We wanted to tell ya...Sam is pregnant."  They were both in shock.  I immediately realized that it could go really great or really bad at that moment. So, I said, "You guys are gonna have a little brother or little sister.  And that little one is gonna look up to you guys and just love you.  He or she isn't going to understand half-sister's or anything....they are just gonna know that you guys are Sissy and wanna play with you."  I could tell the girls were still shocked and didn't know what to think. They were asking a couple of questions, but they were pretty quiet.  So, I said, "And don't freak out, because NOTHING is going to change.  Yes, we will just have another little person added to our group, but NOTHING else will change.  We will still come visit you, and you will still come visit us.  We are still going to go do all the things we did before...we will just have an addition.  It's a good thing...and it's just more love to spread."  They seemed somewhat calmed by that.  We chatted a little bit about it...and the older one had a few shitty things to say to her father about when she was growing up....but they were basically lies that her mother told her (i.e. he never changed a diaper, he never got up when they would cry at night....basically b/s).  It was pretty late at that point, so they decided to go to bed and sleep on it.  They needed to digest it.

Cut to next day:  I anticipated some serious attitude, but it wasn't there.  They were very inquisitive.  They wanted to know what it felt like to have a baby inside my tummy...they wanted to know when I can find out if it's a girl or boy...they wanted to know about baby names...and EVERYTHING else.  We went to breakfast, and we saw sooo many babies.  That seemed to get them excited.  They realized that they would soon have one of those little babies to hold all the time!  So, we hung out at the pool...and it was the same as always.  The younger one took me aside as said, "I wanna be happy..and I am..but it's weird.  My dad had two babies with my mom and now he will have one with you."  I said, "Yea, I understand how that can be weird, but you have to understand that babies are miracles.  Even though it didn't work out between your dad and your mom, we all still got two amazing miracles from that...you and your sister.  So, that relationship was never a mistake, because something wonderful came out of it.  And soooo many families are like this now...they have step-brothers/sisters...half-brothers/sisters."  I also explained to her that her mom could meet someone tomorrow that already has kids, and those kids would be her step-brothers/sisters.  I said, "At least this little guy or girl will be related to you, and might even act like ya!"  I also said, "And if you EVER feel like you aren't getting enough attention because everyone knows babies need lots of attention...YOU have to tell me or your dad.  I don't ever want you or your sister to feel like you aren't getting enough attention or not as much as you did before.  If you ever feel like that, let me know and we will do something special with just you!"  That made her very happy....I know the kids just don't want anyone to forget about them.  That's important they know that it can't happen.  So....then the younger one came at me with every single question!  And some of those questions were wild!  lol...  When a 10y-year-old asks you how "it" feels or what "it" is like, you get very weirded out.  So, I explained it as best I could.....

At least they know now.  It was the most stressful thing, but it went rather well.  They were very supportive, and they were finally happy to see me eat!  Now, I just hope their mother doesn't do a number on them and have them thinking horrible thoughts about this whole thing.

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