Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My cup runneth over....

So, today... I have a mild migraine.  I've taken all of my pills (prescribed for pregnant migraine sufferers), and I feel about as high as a kite.  Now, why do I have a migraine??  Because being in the middle of a move is
STRESSFUL!  Now, to save you all from hearing my serious attitude regarding ALL of these people involved (the buyer, the bank for the buyer, etc) I totally just erased everything I just wrote.  I will just call my mother later and vent to her.  Plus, I already threatened to put a hit out on everyone's family involved.  I'm a very extreme person :)  Give me a name of an individual who sucks at their job....and in 10 minutes I have their d.o.b., home address, and next of f'n kin!  Accident DO happen.... I totally believe in that :)  In rare form today.... and Brian is in a huge meeting.  SO... guess who has to deal with all of these idiots??  ME!!  Our Realtor team in NC is already terrified of me... they HATE dealing with me because (1) I'm pregnant and ridiculously hormonal (2) I'm considered the mean one (out of Brian and myself)... I believe me to be the no nonsense one... they contact him b/c he is much nicer when sh*t hits the fan (3) I tell these people exactly what I think of all of these bankers, etc. (and trust me... I am brutal).  Plus, it's not even my Realtor's fault (or his team)... paperwork on our end with the bank has been done for weeks.  When you have a prefect credit score and bankers know who you are, then shit goes smoothly...The problem is this Anesthesiologist who is trying to purchase our home.  Let this be a lesson... even if you are an Anesthesiologist... it doesn't mean you have any real money or pull.  OK...rant over.... I can only bore you so much with this sh*t!

So, since I've started this baby blog, I've had well over 1500 hits.  It amazes me how venting my frustrations has really appealed to people.  I do this blog only because I believe it's good to vent frustrations and let everyone in on a piece of your life.  Plus, when my kid is old enough, they can read what happened throughout my pregnancy.  That seems cool to me.  And... if they think I'm a little off-the-wall, I'm okay with that.   

All the positive feedback I'm getting on this blog really makes me feel like I'm doing it for a real purpose.  Originally, I was only going to open this blog to select friends and family, but I figured what the hell.  I'm an open book, and I appreciate that I have turned into that type of person.  And... for people who think poorly of me by reading some of these posts... I honestly don't care.  I'm just one of those people that could really care less if someone doesn't like me.  More than likely... I don't care for them.  Everything evens out...right? 

So, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!  Thank you to everyone that reads this.  Thank you to everyone that sends me messages saying you love the blog.  Thank you to everyone that tells me they can completely relate.  Life is super tough sometimes...(especially if you're pregnant)... and we all have to stick together to get through it.  You lean on me, and I will lean on you.  The best thing you can do is give support to your friends and family.

I will absolutely continue to write honestly about my daily issues.  Another lesson: nobody has the perfect, stress-free life.  But that is what makes us human...and it makes us great!  Our flaws make us individuals.  Each and every one of us should embrace that... and love others for it. 

(with a nice Japanese bow)
My cup truly runneth over.

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