Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm Having A..... ?!?!?!

So... Today, I visited my new OB... LOVED him!  He was sooo cool.  Totally my style!!  It was just my 16th week appointment, so I didn't expect an ultrasound.  HOWEVER, he was soo cool.  He was like, "When was the last time you saw your baby?"  I said, "About four weeks ago."  He said,"Well, how about we get you an ultrasound... just for fun."  Then, he said, "I bet you are dying to know what you are having, right?!"  I said, "Absolutely!  I can't stand it!  I need to know!"  He said, "Okay... I bet we can see it today."  I about DIED!!  My dreams came true!  I have been dying to know.  He said, "What does your mothers intuition tell you it is?"  I said, "I think it's a boy, but I don't know.  I just really have a feeling it is."  Several nurses asked me too, and I told them boy.  I wasn't sure if Brian's wish to have a boy was rubbing off on me or if I just KNEW! 

On my June 14th blog, I made a prediction.  I predicted I was having a boy... it was also my parents thought too.  During the ultrasound, the baby did NOT want to show us what he/she was.  They kept poking my tummy and made me turn sideways.  Gotta get that baby moving.  We saw all the little fingers...and counted them!!  All there!!  Then, all of a sudden, it moved A LOT!  And... sure enough.. IT'S A BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY!!!  I couldn't believe it!  Brian is finally having a boy!!  And... we have someone to carry on the Herington name!  WE ARE THRILLED!

It's so funny.  I really thought I'd be happy & upset no matter what they said.  If they said boy, I thought I would be happy but crushed it wasn't a girl.  If they said girl, I thought I'd be happy but very crushed I wasn't getting that boy Brian wanted.  I would have been happy with either as long as they were healthy.  When they said "BOY," I wasn't even surprised.  It's like I already knew... I just needed confirmation.  And...honestly I wasn't upset I'm not having a girl.  When I was little, I always said I wanted a boy first... then a girl.  I thought he could take care of his younger sister.  :)  So, I got exactly what I wanted.  I told my mother at least we know one thing.... This will not be my only child.  I've already said... If I get a boy first, I will definitely try again for a girl... and if I end up with two boys... looks like I'll be having three kids!! haha.. I'm just so thrilled!

Ok...I'm off to buy all things BLUE!!  Aww...I can finally call my baby by his name...

Soooo excited!!! :)~

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  1. Sam, I am so excited!!!!!! I to am happy Brian is getting his boy! You will be a wonderful Mommy......♥♥