Friday, August 5, 2011

Someone Send Me A Good Luck Charm!

Well, I need a bunch of GOOD LUCK for today and this weekend.  Why, you ask?!?  Because my step-children are coming in town.  Now, this could get stressful.  Why, you ask?  Because the oldest one is sick, and I've already told Brian I can't be around that.  You see... I'm a good mom ... and I don't want to get sick while pregnant!  Means.... I can't be around sick offense to her....she can't help it.  I'm just thinking about my baby.  Now, I asked why her mother couldn't take her to the Dr...and I was told that she wanted US to take her.  So, this poor girl has to get on a plane... fly here.. and be completely miserable until we are able to take her to the doctor.  That upsets me for her...hopefully she feels better by the time she has to leave to come here.  Frankly, if it was my child, I'd take her to the Dr immediately... I wouldn't want my child to be miserable.  Seems like her mother could pay a small co-pay fee to make her daughter feel better.  So, you'd think my step-daughter would LOATHE her mother for treating her this way... NOPE!  I'm guessing she isn't that sick...OR... she will find someway to blame it on my husband.  So, THIS is why I need Good Luck.

Let's see.... another reason... It's the younger ones birthday.  The big 11-years-old.  So, what did she ask for??  She asked her father for a MacBook Pro ... only $1200.  Now, did ANYONE you know have a $1200 anything when they turned 11?!  I can tell you right child will NOT be getting crazy expensive sh*t when they turn 11.  Hmmm..  So...we're obligated to buy her this computer.  She will have a meltdown if we don't.  She doesn't care for her father...just the items he can afford to give's kind of sad.  I promised Brian that our baby will never treat him that way. So, since it's little ones b-day and her sister is sick, this could mean we don't get to go to the zoo like planned!?!  If sister is sick, we can't possibly go on outings...that isn't fair.  It's not much of a visit either.  Again, not like a kid can help if they're sick...but I fear it will end up being MY fault or Brian's fault.  It seems like that is ALWAYS the way it goes.  If a tornado strikes in Utah, it's obviously my fault or their father's fault.  One of them cuts themselves shaving... and I GET BLAMED because I didn't buy her an expensive enough razor.  (I was thinking .... when you are young you SUCK at shaving and SHIT happens).  When their mother doesn't throw them a birthday party, it becomes Brian's fault.  When they don't have any clothes because their "mom" won't spend the clothing allowance we give her on her kids, it's Brian's fault!

SO... THIS is why I need some GOOD LUCK wishes.  I've already received a couple of text messages this morning... with "Good Luck with the girls... hang in there" today.  Oh... and me being pregnant with the Golden Child doesn't exactly help matters... I've been told there could be jealousy since the little one is going to get "things."

I know I shouldn't stress about these issues, but it's hard not to.  When a child says shitty things to you, and you decide to bite your tongue (because they really can't win in a battle of words)... IT SUCKS!  I'm not a fan of biting the tongue.  So, I will just hope they are both in good moods... and they act decent.  It's a coin toss with them.  It's such a shame too, because I really LIKE the Nice Kids I know they can be.  We have TONS of fun together. ... like 3 peas in a pod.

Ugh... I know at the end of the day... they only act out because their mom has told them so many lies about their father, and they don't really want to come to that realization nor can they see the truth.  So... the house always wins.  I will just try to maintain my "I feel sorry for them" attitude.  I was blessed with a wonderful family. 

Ok... I gotta go wrap a MacBook Pro in pink wrapping.  ;)


  1. Really?? Shes getting it??? You need more than luck!

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  3. I heard Brian got "FIRED" from T & B!!! Is that true? He might recall when he laid me off but didn't have the BALLS to do ithimself. So he had Brad Spekerman the General Manager come to town todo it for him. A real