Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Belly Button What?!

What the hell is happening to my belly button?!  I mean...I used to have such a cute little belly button.  NOW... it's like a crater on the moon.  It's like a hole in the earth...the grand canyon.  I swear...I can now fit a QUARTER inside this damn thing.  It's like a coin purse for quarters.  Your belly button starts to stretch out around the whole thing.  It's not an outtie yet or anything, but it's not as deep as it once was.  AND.... if you look at can see the whole inside!  EW!  Actually, it's still pretty cute, but I'm just not used to this LARGE ROUND BOWL on my stomach.  Ugh...I could put soup in it and have a snack.  Grossss.  

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