Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What The Hell Did We Talk About?!?!

What the HELL did I talk about before I got pregnant? 

I'm really trying to think about my conversations I had with people prior to pregnancy.  I honestly can't remember any.  I mean... I would ask my friends about their family, kids, jobs, etc.  BUT...when I had hour long conversations, WHAT THE HELL DID WE TALK ABOUT!?!? 

The only reason I'm wondering is...  I don't want to talk about anything but Stanley.  I constantly think about him, and I probably annoy everyone with how much I talk about him.  AND...He's not even here yet.  I went to Baby Gap yesterday... just to buy Maternity clothes.  Yes, they have a FABULOUS Maternity section there.  So, I gathered up my clothes and was walking over to the check-out counter, when I felt horrible for not buying Stanley cup something.  I knew there would be baby clothes in there when I arrived, but I didn't realize how cute they would be!!!  I tried sooooo hard not to buy him his millionth thing, but I just HAD TO!  I mean when will I see a navy blue pea coat for newborns..... or ripped up jeans... or thermal long sleeve shirts... EVER AGAIN?!?!  He HAS to have these things.  I mean he WILL be born in January... it will be freezing.  He needs these things.  So, I ended up buying an obscene amount of stuff.  When I told Brian, he said, "Stanley isn't going to be little forever... he doesn't need every shirt in the store."  I had to remind him that I don't just buy newborn stuff...I buy up to one year too!  I mean there are 365 days in a year.... he will need a different outfit each day....right?!  Ugh... men don't get it. 

Ok...so back to my point.  This child is constantly on my mind.  I never buy anything for myself anymore...unless it's maternity clothes which I just had to break down and buy some because I'm starting to look like a homeless.  Besides that... I can't stop thinking about him.  I even talked about him to the check-out lady at Gap.  I talked her ear off....she probably never wants to hear the name Stanley again. 

They way I see it... he deserves these things.  He kicked alllllll day yesterday.  When he kicks, I know he wants me to know he's doing okay.  So, I HAVE to reward this behavior....with a toy... or clothes.. or ya know... something for him.  PLEASE tell me I'm not the only mother like this!  There has to be more obsessed ladies...right!??!

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