Monday, September 12, 2011

Some "Mother's"....

Ok, I don't get some "mothers" out there.

I know a ton of mom's, and I tend to believe they are all A+ mother's.  However, I have to complain about some "mom's" I see out there in this world.  Now, I don't have any friends that are offenders of the following....but I HAVE to complain about some non-motherly behaviors.

(1) If you take your child to the zoo, PLEASE pay attention to your child.  Example: I went to the zoo a few weeks ago.  I saw a mother and her child (child in stroller) just strolling around with another lady (I assume this woman was mom's friend).  The two ladies were having a GREAT time... talking about men... talking about their jobs... sipping on coffee.  Fine....whatever.  Now, the mom parks the child's stroller in front of the Polar Bear window. Now, most mom's would bend down and tell their child something like..."Suzy, this is a Polar Bear!  Isn't it pretty?!"  Or ya know...some crap about the damn bear.  THIS mom decided to park her child in front of the window and continue her oh-so-serious conversation with her coffee drinking friend.  I didn't get it.  Her child was looking around at the people..and her feet... and just about EVERYTHING but the Polar Bear. I thought WHAT THE F*CK IS THE POINT OF BRINGING YOUR CHILD TO THE ZOO IF YOU AREN'T GOING TO TEACH THEM WHAT THESE ANIMALS ARE?!?!  I continued to see these women around the zoo pretty much the whole day....NOT ONCE did they interact with the child.  It was pretty pathetic.  I don't get some "mother's."

(2) For every party mom out there...WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!  I get that you can't just forget your social life when you are a mom....actually... yes, you can.  If you are single, I totally understand you want to go on dates... go to parties... dress up .. and whatever.  BUT EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND??  Umm... you are a MOM!  I don't care if you become a mom at 16 or 40... you have to be a F*CKIN MOM first! It makes me ILL when I see "mom's" post pictures on FB every single weekend of the party or function they were just attending.  You know the types...the ones that RARELY post pictures of themselves doing ANYTHING with their child.  Some women... you'd never even know they had a child/children.  It's GROSS!  STOP leaving your kids with their grandparents or a sitter every damn weekend.  It's not cool to go out and get wasted every damn weekend when you have a child at home wanting to be with you.  AND... I am sooo not attacking mom's that go out.  I get it...  you can't take your child everywhere.  I completely understand.  AND...sometimes you need a break.  I get it.  I'm talking about the ones that forget they even have a child.  Shame on those types of "mother's."  I don't get you.... and I wouldn't want to.

(3) What the hell is with the mother's that will verbally or physically abuse their children?!?!  I mean... what the HELL is wrong with these people?  You've all seen it.  You see a mom with her child/children at your local supermarket.  The kid is upset about something (I'm sure he didn't get the cereal he wanted)...and the mom goes CRAZY on the kid.  She will pull his little arm out of socket because he just isn't walking fast enough.  Or... she will cuss at them... or smack them.  These women... are AWFUL.  If they do this shit in public, I can't even imagine what that child goes through when they are at home.  There are ways to discipline your child without hurting them.  It makes me sick.  These ladies shouldn't be allowed to have children.

So... I just don't get it.  Why anyone wouldn't pay attention to their child... spend time with them... or why some women feel compelled to abuse their child.... I DON'T GET IT.  It's one thing to have a's another to be a mother.     

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