Friday, October 7, 2011

Little Feet ...

(PLEASE NOTE: The above picture is NOT my stomach.  I still have a belly button... THANKS!)

You really can't be upset during the day when little feet pop out of your tummy.

For several weeks, I've had the pleasure of seeing Stanley's feet and arms pop out of my tummy.  He likes to kick and punch.  I LOVE pulling my shirt up so I can see my tummy when he kicks.  He's to the point where he doesn't just kick, but he will leave his foot out for a second.  I love feeling his feet from this side of the womb.

When my OB puts a fetal heart monitor on my belly, he kicks it!  He's beyond accurate in his kicks... I'm just assuming my child is an amazing kicker.  He MUST be the only baby that does this (so I tell myself)...which makes him the smartest baby in a womb.

Now, I've already started bragging about my lil man, and he isn't even here yet.  I always rush home with my ultrasound pictures, and I show Brian exactly how amazing his child is.  The potential in this child... is just out of this world.  I mean you can just see this kid is a WINNER!!  Of course...I know I'm being a crazy, bragging mom...but it's fine! 

While I was sitting in the Doctor's office the other day, I overheard some ladies talking about their babies and how they kick/move around in their womb.  They were bragging and saying their children are obviously going to be sports stars.  I was thinking...."WOW!  That sounds like my child!!"  Because... damn.. I catch myself saying the same things.  Then... I realized how ridiculous we all sound.  THEN... I realized.... These mother's have no idea what I'M growing in my womb!!  They do NOT feel what I feel...their child doesn't kick with 100% accuracy.  They can't possibly have amazing ultrasound sessions like I do!  As I sit here and type this, I'm only HALF-joking.  It's a mommy's right to think her children are the absolute BEST little people in the world!  Instead of thinking I'm a crazy, I'm just going to accept that I'm already an amazing mother who thinks her child hung the moon, stars, and everything in between.  I can only imagine how bad I'm going to get when he gets here. 

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