Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Update: 31 weeks!

Update: This is nothing major....just updating on my current pregnant condition. 

I'm 31 weeks into my pregnancy. First thought: WOW...this has gone so fast!!  And...I assume it doesn't intend on slowing down, since the holiday's always seem to speed everything up!  I can't tell you how pleased I am with that!

Belly Button: Yes, I still have a belly button!  I think it's trying to disappear, but it's still holding very strong.  I have 9 weeks left, so I'm wondering when it's going to disappear (if at all).  I don't think at this point I'm in the running to be one of those ladies with the "poking out" type of belly button.  Not that any of that really matters, but it's like a small victory in my mind.  And what is up with the belly button ring question??  I can't tell you how many freaking people have asked me if I had to take my belly button ring out.  I HAVE NEVER EVER had a belly button ring...nor will I ever.   That was never my style....because frankly I don't show my belly unless it's bikini season.  Now, with that said, if you DO have a belly button ring... good for you.  I'm not saying anything negative about belly button rings.  Lord knows...Everyone gets so offended by shit I say.  I like piercings just as much as I love tattoo's.  AANNDD... a very large majority of  my friends have all kinds of piercings: belly buttons, nipples, tongue rings, and everything else you can imagine.  So, no need to flip out because I say they aren't for me.  MMMMMKKKK.

Weight:  No...I will not be telling you my weight.  I will tell you my weight AFTER I lose it all.  All I will say about it.... I haven't gained a pound in almost 3 weeks.  My Doctor thinks my weight is perfect...and my child is very healthy.  Will I bitch about  my overall weight gain??  Absolutely!  A year ago I'd bitch if I was over 100lbs (sad but true).  It's my thing.... so don't judge me.  People have already said, "Do NOT get as skinny as you were before you got pregnant!"  Plus, they add a weight they think would be perfect for me.  I appreciate your concern or opinion; however, I GOT THIS!! Shooot.... I worry about my weight more than anyone ever could... so before you say anything...I ALREADY KNOW!! :)  My first priority in life is my child....not my weight.  Even though I won't be letting myself go, like a certain person told me (obviously this person is no longer my, I still intend on being just as healthy as I always have been.  NUFF SAID!

Appearance: Weight is one overall appearance is another.  Yes, I have added some extra chunk, but IMHO I don't even resemble the person I used to be.  I NEVER get a manicure anymore.  I NEVER get a spray tan.  I NEVER wear cute clothes (kind of hard at this point anyway).  I RARELY wear makeup.  It's like...what is the point?!  Being tan, properly manicured, and dressed up is NOT going to make me look that much better.  It's a mess.  I usually wear my husband's PJ's around the house, because they are so large.  I honestly prefer them over anything else.  And...I don't even own makeup for this pale of skin.  My husband tells me to go out and buy a bunch of maternity clothes... pj's... makeup... whatever I want.  BUT... everyone who knows me already knows...I'm a huge cheapskate.  I don't see the point in buying a ton of maternity clothes when I won't be staying this size.  Yes, I've purchased some clothes because I can't wear my husbands pj's out of the house...but overall... I just refuse to buy a bunch of clothes that aren't really my style anyway.  I've always hated spending money on clothes...I never saw the point.  You're either a good looking person or you aren't....expensive clothes aren't going to make anything better.  I'd rather spend my time buying my child clothes...ya know... clothes he will be growing out of pretty much as soon as he arrives.  :)

Topic of Conversation:  I want to talk about Stanley...and then I want to talk about Stanley some more...and THEN after that...I would like to continue talking about him.  The number one topic on my mind is my child.  Yes, I will talk to my worst enemy if they want to discuss how cute my child is.  Absolutely!  Yes, I can't wait to go to the doctor because it's all about his health.  Yes, even though I am the biggest cheapskate in the world, I have no problem dropping massive amounts of money on anything that has to do with him.  I don't even think twice about it.  If you get me on the phone, I will tell you about his kicks and how cute he is.  I got those 4D ultrasound pictures over a week ago, and I'm still not done talking about them.  I always wonder if it gets annoying to people.  I never got annoyed or get annoyed when other people talk about their children.  I love hearing stories about kids... they say and do cute things!  Who wouldn't want to hear about that?  I honestly try to dial it down....I don't want people to think I only care about Stanley.  I can't help it though... he already does cute things...and I want to talk about it all the time.

What's Stanley up to??:  Well, he kicks pretty much allll day.  Sometimes I wonder if he doesn't need naps.  The child is constantly moving.  He pretty much stays balled up (I know because I can feel where his powerful legs are).  Certain times throughout the day he does like to try the stretching out thing.  His feet go right to the tippy top of my stomach....and he pushes his foot out and leaves it for awhile.  It tend to make my whole body I jerk a lot.  Yea, it looks like I'm going through something.  He sometimes hits the top of my rib, which I think tickles.  He just started kicking at my ribs on the side which pretty much sucks.  It's like a sharp pain... it's not my favorite... but totally bearable.   I can't be mad at him for trying to stretch and grow.  I do have a very short it's not like he has a ton of room.  We're getting our 2nd 4D ultrasound in 2 I'm hoping he keeps his hands and feet out of his face.  I just love seeing his sweet little face.

Other Topics:  Acne is all gone...thank GOD!  The boobs are still massive and getting bigger, but I've gotten over bitching about them.  I just see them as milk tanks for my precious angel.  They won't be there forever... I'm ready to be an A again!  Swelling...I have been extremely lucky in this department.  I only swell when I travel....and my Doc has told me I'm done with traveling!  So, my fingers tend to swell a little ... that engagement ring is getting a little tight.  I can still wear it, but some days it's a little tighter than others.  I usually just wear my wedding ring with my right hand diamond ring.  My left hand and right hand ring fingers are different sizes.  As far as my ring fingers go.... Left hand sizes in at a 4 1/4... my right hand sizes in at a 4 1/2.  So I just leave my gorgeous engagement ring in a box...and the right hand ring goes to my looks a little like I'm trying to create a diamond ring sleeve on my left ring finger.  Back pain...unreal.  It feels a little like someone is trying to slice my back with a sharp knife every-time I try to lift something or get up or turn over in bed.  It doesn't really bother me as long as it goes away when my lil punkin gets here...otherwise I am gonna have trouble lifting him.  I also see ladies having issues shaving when they're pregnant, but I haven't had any issues with that yet.  I have 9 weeks left, but the shaving is just as easy as it always was.  Perhaps we shouldn't believe everything we see on TV! :)

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