Thursday, December 22, 2011

35 Week Update!!!

35  1/2 week update.....

I'm due on January 24....which means I have 33 days left!!  Of course, I'm not a fool to think I will actually deliver on my due date, so I can just say that Stanley will be here soon!  Here is what's going on....

(1) Good-bye sleep: I haven't had a good nights sleep since I actually got pregnant.  The endless waking up in the middle of the night to pee (2-4x's a night), the uncomfortable weight in my mid-section that keeps me rolling around all night, and the awesome nasal congestion (Rhinitis) makes for a sleepless concoction.  And...the kicker...I finally have dark under-eye circles!!!  THIS is the most recent thing, and it makes me crazy!  NO amount of makeup will cover these under-eye circles.  They aren't bags...just dark, thick rims that hang out under my eye.  I am hoping to GOD this goes away after pregnancy....or at least when I can start getting more sound sleep.  Otherwise, my ass will be running to the nearest Dermatologist as soon as Stanley gets here for cosmetic procedures.  I understand that pregnancy is not a glamorous time, but I refuse to go downhill that f'n quickly.  I can't wait to get these wrinkles filled in... I'm starting to look like a fat, wrinkled grandma. 

(2)  Hair Issues:  My hair came in super thick when I got pregnant.. as if this horses tail actually needed thickening.  The only problem is the shedding.  I shed like a German f*ckin Shepard.  There are blonde hairs EVERYWHERE!  You could seriously make a quilt with the hair I lose everyday.  I'm starting to think Brian wants to make a toupee out of all this hair.  If I were him, I'd probably wonder why some people have sooo much while others have sooo little.  Ok...I'm joking.  He could care less about hair.  Thankfully, my parents have ridiculously thick no matter how much I shed... I still have a thick head of hair.  I just have to carry lint rollers with me wherever I go. 

Now...everyone knows I dye this mop.  I am not really sure how light or dark my natural hair is because it started to darken in middle school, and I've been doing the roots ever since high school.  I also started doing high-lights years give my hair that extra pop of blonde.  The problem: My hair doesn't exactly like taking hair dye now.  Yes, I still dye my hair.  I know some ladies stop when they get pregnant, but I haven't.  I know PLENTY of people that dye their hair during pregnancy and nothing ever happens to the baby...I consider it an old wives tale that you can't dye while pregnant.  Anyway... my hair doesn't exactly look super blonde anymore.  It's more of a strawberry blonde... golden... brassy color. looks dull.  Some folks warned me this could happen.  Apparently your hormones go crazy, and the dye doesn't exactly take the way it did before.  This also irritates the sh*t out of me.  How am I supposed to look like a decent fat woman when my hair is all different colors??!?  Ok..ok.. it isn't that bad, but I notice a different and it irritates me.  I'm thinking about going straight platinum after the baby gets here....I'm ready to see some serious BLONDE!

(3) Contractions:  Ahh... the amazing contractions.  I started getting Braxton Hicks contractions weeks ago.  They, of course, freaked me out, but I had no idea how bad they would get.  And by bad I just mean intense enough for me to think I might be going into pre-term labor.  They don't hurt...well at least I don't think they do.  They are accompanied by cramping (something like a horrific menstrual cramp).  I never had a lot of cramps with my periods, so this is all new.  I have noticed these contractions are an everyday thing.  I get tons of them.  I read somewhere that if you have a lot of contractions in your third trimester it's actually a good thing.  Your body is not only getting ready for big day, but it won't be as difficult while in actual labor.  I'm hoping the latter is true! 

(4) Did I mention how tired I am???  Caffeine, my old friend, I miss you.  I know we see each other for a little bit every day (I have a can of diet soda every day for sue me)...BUT it isn't enough.  I miss seeing you allllllll throughout the day.  I promise we will hang out much more when the baby comes.  Until then.... my heart bleeds for you.

**I still think my pregnancy has been fairly easy compared to some of the horror stories I've heard.  I'm just ready to see my little man and get into a rhythm of every day life with my new best friend.  I'm ready to work out like I used to.... I'm ready to have this back pain come to a halt... I'm ready to have MY body back to being just mine... I'm ready to not look like such a bloated, nasty animal... I'm ready for my new life to begin.

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  1. It wont be much longer.........I'm sure you look beautiful.!!! STANLEY will be happy to call you MOMMY!