Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hospital Bags Packed????

When to pack a bag....

So, I've heard of pregnant women that pack their hospital bag at 30 weeks, and I've heard of women that pack right before rushing out the door after their water breaks.  I've decided I will pack this week...35 weeks sounds pretty good to me.  Now, I have a list of everything I'm going to pack for me, Stanley, and Brian.  Yes, I will unfortunately be packing Brian's bag too.  If I left it up to him, he would pack everything he didn't need and forget the essentials. 

I feel I have such a long list of everything I need to pack, but I'm wondering if I'm really going to need all of this stuff.  AND....I've heard people tell me that they forgot things that didn't appear on any "Things you should pack" list. question to all the mom's out there...  What was the absolute essential top 5 things you needed, what were the things you absolutely didn't need, and what would you tell a first timer to bring (perhaps something that gets overlooked on these lists)????

I would appreciate the feedback!!  Either comment on this blog or write to me on fb!! :)  All you mommy's have been super helpful this far!!


  1. I brought SO SO SO much random and unnecessary stuff when Hope was born. I learned with Evan (though its as different with him b/c he wasn't in our room with us... nicu baby) and didn't pack nearly as much! Don't bring anything for the baby - minus little outfits to dress him in (and you don't need like 500 b/c even though you think you'll dress him a million times a day, you won't :) They have everything you need for babe. I mean, of course bring things like cute blankets for pics, etc.

    What TO Bring:
    1 - your pillow - you'll want it - put a case on it you don't care about or can throw away at the end - don't make it white - nurses might mix it with theirs
    2. - clothes for you to wear that are COMFY (elastic waist for sure)
    3. your boppy pillow - way helpful for nursing and very nice for holding babe if you are sore
    4. - sound machine (IF YOU WANT) so stinkin' loud in hospital to sleep (not that they won't be coming in every .5 seconds to check you... ha ha)
    5. CAMERA - of course, don't forget it.
    6. snacks - their food is icky - i'm sure brian will go out and get you food.
    7. pillows and blankets for Brian - prob sleeping on a random bed or recliner - my bed was pretty comfy (hospital bed not labor bed)
    Don't need:
    1. like i said, stuff for baby
    - blanking and can't think what else.
    feel free to msg me if you have any ???

  2. This seems really random, but my camera on my lap top was the most handy thing after I delivered. :) I had a c-section and didn't feel like standing to dry my hair or put on a little make up. I didn't get all primped for visitors, but I also didn't want to look like death in the first pictures with my children. I would shower and then sit in bed and turn on the camera on my computer. Turned my lap top screen into the perfect mirror to get ready in bed. Not sure if this would be as handy for you, but it was a lifesaver for me!

  3. Sure your be ready when the tome've been ready for awhile to meet you little buddy!!!! ♥