Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Best & Worst of Pregnancy Coming To An End...

For the past couple of weeks, I've had the absolutely best and worst time being pregnant.  I thought I'd save the best for last.... so here we go...

Worst: It's impossible to sleep.  Sure, I get a couple of hours and wake up.  Go back to sleep....and then a couple of hours later I'm up again.  I have permanent eye bags.  My friends that have newborns assure me that I will get more sleep when he's actually here.  Sure...he won't always sleep through the night (blah, blah, blah), but at least I can go back to sleeping on my stomach and getting comfortable enough that when I do get in's all Zzzzz's!  I still get up every 2 hours to pee.  My OB says I need to cut off the water intake around 6pm.  However, I get so thirsty at night.  So..I usually end up drinking a bottle or two of water prior to bed time.  Whatever...I'm thirsty.  I can't help it.

As far as my weight, I've somehow managed to really pull out a big win during my third trimester.  (Weight gain or stability will always go in the "worst part of pregnancy" category, since it isn't losing pounds!!)  A lot of ladies have told me this was their real "gaining weight" trimester.  Luckily, my weight has seriously stabilized.  I literally have to gorge myself just to stay at the weight I'm at.  My body really wants to lose pounds.  He's gaining and is healthy so that's all that matters.  I've really had no food cravings, and I've not really been interested in eating.  I only eat because I feel he needs it.  My baby bump appears to be somewhat small to what I figured it would look like at this point.  Yes, I still have a belly button.  My boobs are massive, but I've let that issue go.  They are milk machine's for my new best friend....simple as that.

Back pain. Ahh...the amazing back pain.  It isn't severe every day, but it is most days.  Getting up out of bed..... getting up out of a chair.... rolling around in bed... PAINFUL!  It's like little Keebler elves are inside my lower back just shredding it with knives.  It's a pain that I've grown to deal with.  Yes, I look like an old woman trying to get up and get moving, but I figure it won't last forever.

A little more anxiety has floated my way.  To me, it's so surreal that I'm pregnant... I am having a baby boy... and I'm going to be a mom.  I am going to be in serious charge of someone for a VERY long time.  His survival is up to me.  I have to get him from baby status to man status.  Whoa... that is a huge task.  Yes, Brian and family will help me get him from point A to point B, but I always tend to think I have to be prepared for anything...and to do it on my own.  I mean seriously...what if something happened to Brian??  Or my family???  I would have to be able to deal with whatever comes my way.  I've always considered myself a bit of an overachiever.  I've worked my ass off for practically every damn thing I've achieved, so I just have to keep telling myself... I CAN DO THIS!  I think a little self doubt can be a great tool in achieving great successes in life.    

Enough of the worst part....on to the BEST PART of pregnancy....

BEST: The absolute best part of my day is when Stanley is up and moving around.  I'm convinced this child doesn't need a lot of sleep, because he tends to be awake more than asleep.  When I walk on the treadmill, he thinks it's time to walk too.  His legs stretch out at the top of my abdomen, and they start a walking motion.  He flails his arms about and punches my bladder to the point I double over.  If he wants to work out with his mommy, then I'm okay with that!!

He has incredibly strong legs.  At night time (and certain parts of the day), he has really gotten into stretching out his legs.  I turn over on my side so he doesn't kill my top abdomen....the part that has NOT wanted to stretch out at all.  The cutest little boy in the world stretches his feet out so I can rub them.  One night...he popped out a good two inches.  You could absolutely tell it was a foot hanging out...and omg... feeling those baby feetsies is something I can't even describe.  I LOVE those feet!  Brian, of course, seems to always miss his feet.  He is either out of town, sleeping, or working.  I don't think Brian thought it was possible to see these feet so clearly until for ONCE he saw them for himself.  Two nights ago, we hosted a Holiday Dinner for his company.  After we got home, Stanley was up and ready to stretch.  For once, Brian was up and was able to see a baby foot come stretching out the side of my stomach.  He could NOT believe it.  He got to rub on his little feetsies... in complete disbelief.  I love every kick and every stretch...I can see that being the only part of pregnancy I miss.

My feet!!!  Now, I hear a lot of women complain their feet got huge when they were pregnant.  Some women say their feet grew so much they never went back to the same shoe size (aanndd they have all these shoes they can no longer wear).  Thankfully, my foot hasn't grown at all!!  My little foot is still a little foot!  I wore my black party heels just the other night... who says pregnant women can't wear heels?!?!?

So... I really don't have many complaints.  I get acid reflux here and there... I don't sleep... I'm large... BUT I believe these are just temporary issues.  The reward at the end of all this (just 5 weeks away) is worth sooo much more.  I can't wait to see him and hold him...and I'm ready to rub those feet in person.

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